Morristown EcoCenter Art Show: Green themes from seasoned artists, May 12-14


Saving the planet is serious business. Seriously funny business.

That’s one of the takeaways from the Morristown EcoCenter Art Show, which opens on Thursday, May 12, and runs through May 14 at the former Mini Cooper dealership on 55 Bank St.

Sixty works from 25 artists focus largely on green themes and food motifs–the makeshift gallery is a proposed EcoCenter, after all–and the emphasis is on cartoons.

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When he’s not trying to save the world as a green builder, Rich Feldmann, organizer of the show, pokes fun at his trade with some deliciously wicked cartoons.

A couple of them will be included in the exhibition–along with works by New Yorker cartoonists Bob Eckstein and Felipe Galindo Gomez, better known as Feggo.

We’re also proud that three cartoonists from will strut their stuff: Paul Laud, Fred Caracci and Matt Keown. They will talk about their craft at the EcoCenter on Friday, May 13, at 7:30 pm. Cartooning 101: Doodling With a Message is free.

So is the art show reception on Thursday, May 12. It starts at 6 pm.

The show has paintings, photos and collages, too, and they don’t all come with punch lines.

Which is a good thing. Without truly serious work, how would we know what’s seriously funny?


rich feldmann cartoon
By Rich Feldmann
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