Something to sing about: Songwriters Night, 7:30 at the Morristown EcoCenter


The news has been pretty heavy the last couple of days. So why not unwind with some music?

MG Songwriters Night: The Magic Behind the Music starts at 7:30 tonight, Tuesday, May 3, at the Morristown EcoCenter on 55 Bank St. (The former Mini Cooper dealership.) Admission is free.

Some great local songwriters will share their secrets on how to get melodies out of your head and onto the radio!

Special guests will include Grover Kemble of Za Zu Zaz fame, Blaire Reinhard of the popular Blaire Reinhard Band and singer-songwriter Bill Griese, whose work has aired in a national TV ad campaign.

While we are sad that Brandyn (Adeo) Heppard of Universal Rebel has had to withdraw, we are excited to announce that a pair of rising talents plans to perform tonight. We don’t want to spoil the surprise…please come and see them for yourself!

Refreshments will be served by Morristown’s “Caterer to the Stars,” Chef Melody of The Main Event.

Brought to you by… and Sustainable Morristown.

And don’t forget these upcoming EcoCenter events:

Design Charrettes: Help plan the future of the EcoCenter. Sessions on May 4, 5, 6 and 7.

And from and Sustainable Morristown

MG Cartoonists Night, May 13: Want to start a comic strip?  Three cartoonists tell you how. Art show, too! At 7:30 pm.

MG Wordplay: Fun With Words, May 17: Poetry, hip-hop, beat boxing, improv and more, starts at 7:30 pm.

MG Kids Art Show, May 25: Kids art, tips on green cooking for kids, a live art project, and more. (This event starts after school, at 2:30 pm.)


ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE ECOCENTER...May 3 at 7:30 pm, MG Songwriters Night. Map by Google Maps.
trang tran poster songwriters night
Flyer by Trang Tran
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