Got a song in your heart? Learn how to make it a hit–May 3 at the Morristown EcoCenter


Ever hear a song on the radio and think, “I could write something better than that!”  ???

Discover how to do exactly that, at MG Songwriters Night, The Magic Behind the Music. is hosting four gifted songwriters on Tuesday, May 3, at the Morristown EcoCenter on 55 Bank St. (The former Mini Cooper dealership.) They will share their musical secrets, so you can start busting the charts. Or maybe you just want to hear some great songs, and learn how they hatched.

Either way, come on out. It’s free. The fun starts at 7:30 pm.


  • Grover Kemble, of Za Zu Zaz fame.
  • Blaire Reinhard, a Morristown High grad on her way to stardom with the Blaire Reinhard Band.
  • Brandyn (Adeo) Heppard, another MHS alum doing great things with Universal Rebel.
  • Bill Griese, a singer-songwriter who has been featured in national TV ads.
grover kemble
Grover Kemble at Shanghai Jazz. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
blaire reinhard ginty field
Blaire Reinhard. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
universal rebel performs in morristown
Brandyn (Adeo) Heppard sings with Universal Rebel. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Bill Griese
Bill Griese

MG songwriters night

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