Timeless Jazz and the Art of Play to open Morristown art show at EcoCenter

gus bacas
Gus Bacas also leads Timeless Jazz, an ensemble that won the first Morristown's Got Talent! show. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Art receptions usually are fun in Morristown. But April 28 promises to have a little extra pizazz.

That’s pizazz as in jazzTimeless Jazz.

This collection of Morristown High School musicians will perform at the opening of a three-night “pop-up” art show at the proposed EcoCenter on 55 Bank St. (The former Mini Cooper dealership.)

Timeless Jazz will always have a special place in our hearts here at MorristownGreen.com, where we affectionately refer to the guys as our house band. They have marched with us in parades and performed at our film festivals. And of course, they were the winners of the very first Morristown’s Got Talent! show.

Band founder Gus Bacas said he’s raring to go for Thursday:

gus bacas
Gus Bacas, leader of Timeless Jazz, an ensemble that will perform on April 28 at the Morristown EcoCenter. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

“It is exciting for Timeless Jazz to play at yet another community event. Giving back to the community is something that I believe very strongly in, and I am delighted that we were asked to help set the mood for a successful future at the EcoCenter,” Gus said.

“I think it is great that Sustainable Morristown is turning the building into a usable, sustainable community center for many to enjoy, and I foresee this as the first of many successful events that Morristown will be host to.”

The reception runs from 6 pm to 9 pm. Gus will be joined by Charlie Savage on piano, Danny Reardon on trumpet, Peter Bacas on tenor sax, and Anthony Galante, Ryan Gallagher and Evan Piascik on alto sax.

Rounding out the group on drums will be Domenico Randazzo, who is doing double-duty. He will perform a bonus set with his other band, the Art of Play.

The Art of Play will perform at the EcoCenter on April 28. Photo: ArtOfPlayMusic.com

These seventh-graders include Tyler Volk, TJ Coon and Ricky Webber. Ricky and Domenico gave a great show at last summer’s MorristownGreen.com Film Festival as part of Boys Nyte.

And at the EcoCenter on Friday night, April 29, you can hear Captain Lung. This indie-rock trio features Morristown High Schoolers Travis Fielding and Johannes Burger, formerly of The Members, and Andy McNally.

We haven’t seen the art exhibits yet. But we know this show is going to sound fantastic!

art show

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