Tiffany Rios of Morris Plains gets three thumbs up on ‘American Idol’

tiffany lopez
Tiffany Lopez of Morris Plains in first round of 'American Idol.' Photo courtesy of Tiffany Lopez

If you got it, flaunt it.

Tiffany Rios of Morris Plains was not shy about her attire on Wednesday’s Season 10 premiere of American Idol, auditioning in a bikini top adorned with two gigantic, strategically placed stars.

Ultimately, though, it was her vocal equipment that impressed judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson–after Tiffany got past tears of joy from performing for J.Lo. Jennifer left the judges table to hug Tiffany, who regained her composure to complete the tryout.

tiffany lopez
Tiffany Rios of Morris Plains on 'American Idol.' Photo courtesy of Tiffany Rios

“She was just perfect, like an angel,” Tiffany, 21, said of her idol after watching tonight’s taped segment on Fox with about 14 friends and relatives at the Morris Plains home of her parents, Hector and Daisi. The segment was “surreal,” Tiffany said.

Idol’s rules prohibit Tiffany from disclosing how she fares in the next round.

A graduate of Parsippany Hills High School, Tiffany teaches dance at L.A. Fitness in Parsippany and is organizing a 25-girl dance team in Jefferson.

She’s been a Jennifer Lopez fan since the second grade, when her godmother took her to see the film Selena.

Tiffany sang the signature song from that movie, Como La Flor, at her sister’s Sweet 16 party, and again at her own Sweet 16.

On Idol she sang her own composition, Higher Ratings, followed by Celine Dion’s Power of Love.

The audition, recorded in Jersey City last September, was Tiffany’s fourth try on Idol. She was seven years old the first time, wearing plain jeans and a t-shirt.

“As I grew, my style grew,” said the Nutley native.

Although she describes herself as “loud and outgoing,” she acknowledged feeling nervous before the September audition. But then she overheard the singer before her go wildly off-pitch.

“I looked to the person next to me and said, ‘I will not do that!’ I put my game face on, looked at Randy…and Randy made me cry.”

Tiffany, whose nickname is “NJ Stars,” said her boyfriend was fine with the star-studded costume. “Just make sure it’s comfortable,” he told her, “because you’ve got to wear it all day.”

J.Lo said she didn’t need the getup to get the judges’ attention. So will Tiffany tone it down?

“I will always be myself,” she hinted. “Lady Gaga wouldn’t stop wearing her outfits because someone told her to.”


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  1. Tiffany was amazing! She has an amazing voice and is so fun and outgoing! The kind of person everyone would want to know.
    We’re proud of you baby!

    Love you!