Think your sidewalks are icy? Try being a Morristown firefighter today


The walk to Morristown town hall this morning was like ice skating minus the skates. So imagine the fun that Firefighter Sean McDonough must have had climbing a ladder to clear off the town hall roof.

Firefighter Stuart Williamson kept an eye on things from below. Had Sean drawn the short straw?

“He’s the junior guy,” Stu said with a grin.

A winter storm warning remains in effect through 4 pm; more freezing rain or drizzle is predicted.

firefighter sean mcdonough
STEADY AS SHE GOES! Morristown Firefighter Sean McDonough scales ladder to clear snow and ice from the town hall roof. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
firefighter sean mcdonough
DON'T LOOK DOWN! Morristown Firefighter Sean McDonough gives new meaning to 'social climber,' braving the ice storm to clear the roof of town hall. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
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