Hello, it’s NOT me: A podcast with the eclectic, electric, eccentric Todd Rundgren about his Sept. 15 Morristown show.

todd rundgren at community theatre in 2008
Todd Rundgren performs his 'Arena' album at Morristown's Community Theatre in 2008.Photo by Kevin Coughlin

He writes pop songs that border on perfection…and then refuses to perform them.  He throws goofy dance hall numbers into serious albums…just for laughs. He zigs when others zag, filtering musical ideas through years of chemical- and spiritual exploration.

Of course, we are talking about Todd Rundgren, one of the world’s most innovative, prolific and provocative rock stars. His Sept. 15 show at Morristown’s Community Theatre will feature complete performances of two vintage albums that should separate the men from the runts.

(Podcast also can be found on iTunes; search for MorristownGreen.)

In the mid ’80s I caught Todd’s one-man show at Obsessions, a nightclub in Randolph. His electronic tool kit replaced human band mates, a controversial notion at the time.

But what really miffed me was the encore. Todd refused to play the one song many of us came to hear. After we had politely sampled a lot of avant-garde meanderings.

I waited years for the chance to petition Todd about this. Listen for his response  in this hour-long podcast.

todd rundgren at community theatre in 2008
Todd Rundgren performs his ‘Arena’ album at Morristown’s Community Theatre in 2008.Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Todd also explains why he’s performing his challenging 1974 compilation, ‘Todd,” followed by his gentler, “more grounded” 1981 record, “Healing.”

We learn about a harrowing robbery in which thugs taunted Todd with the same song he declined to sing at Obsessions.

He talks about guitar gods and Beatles, psychic exhaustion and Phil Rizzuto. The late Scooter’s unintentionally salacious Yankees play-by-play landed in “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” on a Meat Loaf album produced by Todd.

Todd reflects on the “clueless” music biz, and an internet that is losing its way. Laughter keeps him sane, as you will hear throughout the interview.

Afterward, a million more questions bubbled into my mind. Perhaps some of them will be answered at Wednesday’s concert. Tickets range from $35 to $95.


Todd Rundgren brings ‘Healing’ to Morristown

Todd’s previous visit to the Community Theatre

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  1. Todd mentioned your interview when he was interviewed by Roy Firestone in Philadelphia on Monday the 13th. I was in the audience and was curious to whom he was refering to. He said you were wrong to connect Healing and his home invasion. Keep an eye out for that when its released,