Not your ordinary teenager: An exclusive interview with pop artist Dane Michael Glynn before his show at Scotti’s in Morristown


You would never guess that Dane Glynn, the same teenager tackling summer reading assignments during his school vacation, is also releasing an album.

Known to his fans as Dane Michael Glynn, this 15-year-old student at Morristown High School already has recorded a five-song CD, Sir Dream A-Lot, with KeyMedia Group.

With close guidance from Denise Marsa, who produced the record for KeyMedia Group, Dane is developing into a professional pop artist, gaining experience with each performance.  Tomorrow, July 22, Scotti’s Records in Morristown is hosting a launch celebration of Dane’s debut album.

Morristown Green asked Dane about the path that has led to this show, and where he hopes that path will take him in the future.  Tell us a little about your album.

Dane: My debut album, Sir Dream A-Lot, features five songs:  Sir Dream A-Lot, Run Baby Run, You Know Me by Heart, City Skies, and The Land Had a Dream. The CD features songs written by Itaal Shur, Marc Nelkin Anthony Krizan, and Holland’s Joris Rasenberg. The title track, Sir Dream A-Lot was written by Marc Trachtenberg and Jim Dyke.  The songs City Skies and The Land Had a Dream were written by Denise Marsa, my mentor.

MG:  Although you did not write the songs yourself, what was your inspiration for picking the songs to record?

Dane: I knew I wanted to make a pop record, but I didn’t want a bubblegum pop sound.  Denise and I were shooting for more of an organic, or natural, pop sound.  I didn’t want to lose myself and who I am.

MG:  What was your thought process behind picking your stage name?

Dane Michael Glynn's debut album cover.


I did not want to change myself just because I was on stage.  I see all these artists, like Pink for example, who change their name, and it works for them.  I feel like that’s not my personality.  I chose Dane Michael Glynn because it’s natural, and the Michael (my middle name) makes it more personal.

MG:  How did your singing career begin?

Dane: I have been singing since I was three years old.  My parents took me to see the Wizard of Oz at Madison Square Garden and I was in awe.  Completely mesmerized.  In first grade I saw Beauty and the Beast and was blown away by everything about it.  I knew from then on that I wanted to be on stage.  My ultimate hope is to be a Broadway performer, but I feel that recording an album is one step I have to take along the way to my goal.  I have been taking voice lessons for a year and a half with John Hellyer at Linda Benanti Voice Studio.

MG:  Where did Morristown’s Got Talent come in?

Dane: When I auditioned for Morristown’s Got Talent, I intended to perform a medley from A Chorus Line, and needed someone to create the CD.  This medley featured music from the entire show, including the song I Can Do That.  This was especially important because those were the exact words I thought when I watched every Broadway show.  I can do that.  I met Denise because she was going to create the CD for me.  My family spoke to Denise for a very long time, and afterward, I looked at my mom and told her: I want to make a CD.

MG: What is the process of making an album?

Dane: It is much harder and longer than you could imagine!  I always thought you just put the head phones on, sing the song, and then “they” take care of fixing the rest.  I was wrong!  It took months of training and practice before I could begin recording.  I have been trained as a natural Broadway artist, and have learned to put vibrato in my voice, as this is what this type of performer does.

When I decided to record an album, I had to adapt and turn my voice into a pop voice.  I spent hours upon hours, and take after take with Denise reviewing my voice and microphone techniques.  I had to work on a more smooth kind of voice as a pop singer rather than the vibrato voice of a Broadway singer.  When I hear the CD, I know it all paid off.  I still take classical voice lessons, because although I’m recording a pop album, I would like to pursue my dreams of starring on the Broadway stage.

MG:  Is it hard balancing your school/social life and your performing life?

Dane: At times, balancing everything is really difficult.  During the second marking period at school, my grades started slipping, because all my time was spent making the album.  Although I rarely go out with friends, I’m okay with it because I would never give up singing.  To me, it’s what comes first and it has always been such a big part of my life.  I knew I had to find a way to balance everything.  I have never been a sport guy, but performing has always been my passion.  It’s all I’ve ever known, and is still a major part of my life today.

MG:  Where else have you performed?

Dane: I have performed in several musicals including Barnum, Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Guys and Dolls.  As far as performing my album, I performed it for the first time at the Earth Day Celebration on the Morristown Green.  I will perform it for a second time, this Thursday, July 22.

MG: Can you tell us what’s happening on Thursday?

Dane: On Thursday, July 22, Scotti’s Records on South Street in Morristown is hosting a launch party for my new album.  It’s a chance for me to thank everyone who has supported me, and I will be giving a live performance and signing CDs.

MG: How has your family supported you through your journey?

Dane: My family has been an incredible support system for me over the past years.  My eight-year-old sister, Mia, my mom, and my step-dad have always been there for me.  The songs on my CD are all dedicated to my family members, and I’m so lucky to have a group of people who will always love and support me.

MG: How has your experience making an album and becoming your own artist changed you?

Dane Michael Glynn rehearses his performance of "Sir Dream A-Lot." Photo by Nayna Shah

Dane: Sometimes it’s strange seeing myself up on iTunes with all the other big artists, but it’s something I have been waiting for and working hard for.   It’s such a surreal feeling, and you’re always going to get people who love it, and people who hate it.  But it’s feels great just to have people come up and recognize you or compliment you.

MG: What are your plans after the record?

Dane: I have never lost my dream to be on Broadway.  I hope to attend a performing school- my first choice is the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, my second choice is New York University, and my third choice is the Julliard School.

MG: How many 15- year-olds have a mentor/ manager– or an album for that matter?  Well this one does, and to see how he’s doing, check out Dane Michael Glynn tomorrow, July 22, at 6:30 pm at Scotti’s Records in Morristown, as he celebrates the release of his new album.

Dane’s songs are available on iTunes already, but you can get an autographed CD at his live performance at Scotti’s.

For Dane’s complete biography, including his past performances in musicals and television shows, please visit:

It’s obvious that this budding star belongs on a stage, and once he becomes a famous Broadway performer, you can say you knew Dane Michael Glynn while he was still Sir Dream A-Lot, chasing after his dreams.

MG Correspondent Nayna Shah is a student at Morristown High School. She has just returned from England and has written a travel series for

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