An MG Kids-eye view of the Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic 5K in Morristown


Carl Hausman joined his dad, Verizon Wireless employee Paul Hausman, and more than 4,000 other runners from 130 companies in the Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic 5K in Morristown on Thursday evening. Here is his report of the event. 

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By Carl Hausman, MG Kids correspondent  

Carl Hausman grabs a banana and a cool drink after completing his 5K run in Morristown on Thursday. Photo by Paul Hausman

I am at the Verizon Wireless 5K race. It is a race where you run 5 kilometers/3 miles to raise money for a charity. I got my picture taken along with all the other employees. The Verizon team gets this, I don’t know why. It is very crowded, and there is annoying music on. Anyway, the weather is okay, if humid. Hold on, now, I’ll talk more after the race. It’s going to start in 10 minutes.  


My time was 37.59.6 minutes. My average was 12 minutes and 15 seconds a mile. I came in 2,235th and, of the men, I came in 1,448th. There were more than 4,000 competitors. My dad only came in 2,247th. Of the men, he came in 1,453rd and his time was 38.06.7.  

I got very hot and less than halfway through I could barely keep above walking, though I kept above walking the whole way. At the end, however, I took off so fast, I wondered why I was already at the end and if I was dreaming and I was really back 20 feet. Fifteen minutes later, the adrenaline was still surging so much I felt like I could run the whole thing at top speed again!  

This was my third time in it, and I hope to continue doing it annually.  

Carl Hausman, age 9, attends St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown and competes with the Mount Olive Junior Track Team each spring. He is particularly interested in mythological things like dragons and enjoys reading, drawing and running.  

Carl Hausman drew this depiction of himself running the Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic 5K in Morristown. (He notes that he's better at drawing mythological creatures than people!)
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  1. Awesome, Carl (and Paul)! I’m really proud of you and impressed! You never quit even when you felt super tired. I’ll remember that the next time I feel like giving up on something. Thanks to proud momma for letting me know about this accomplishment!