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The St. Peter's Mission Trippers Return
The St. Peter's Mission Trippers Return

The St. Peter’s Youth Group got back from their Mission Trip last night, after a 3,000+-mile journey and a week at work in Dulac, LA, helping build housing in a region that’s been devastated by hurricanes – and that now has to deal with the oil spill.   (See “Gulf Coast Plea: ‘Keep Buying Our Louisiana Seafood’” for more about that.)

Many thanks to these kids – and to the kids from Church of the Redeemer in Morristown, who went to Dulac, too – for what they’ve done with loving and faithful hearts to help others, and for representing St. Peter’s and Redeemer – and Morristown – to the world. We’re all very proud of them.

The St. Peter's Mission Trippers Return
The St. Peter's Youth Group Mission Trippers Return

You can read the Youth Group’sTwitter page of their comments throughout the 12-day trip here.  I’ve loved following along with them via Twitter; it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that, every day – getting a real spontaneous sort of feel for what was going on in their travels, work, and lives. Twitter is actually just perfect for something like this – it gives you the feeling of being right there. Here are a few of those comments from the past week (in reverse order, they way they came in):

(St. Peter’s has a Twitter feed, too, here; we’ll post event news there as it happens.)