Scenes from Memorial Day on the Morristown Green


Bob Tracey, Morristown’s retired postmaster, served in World War II and the Korean War.  Today marked the 54th year that he has spoken at the town’s Memorial Day observance.

Bob is known as a tireless advocate for veterans. He is a regular visitor at veterans hospitals, and organizes celebrity visits to cheer up the vets. He has done a radio show on veterans issues. He makes sure that graves of veterans are properly decorated this time of year.

At 84, he is battling throat cancer and leg problems. He says he will let the man upstairs decide how many more Memorial Days he can muster.

In the meantime, Bob continues advocating for his fellow soldiers, living and dead. This morning he dedicated a memorial stone at Morris Township Hall to Patric Hyland, a Marine Corps veteran and former Morris County freeholder who passed away in 2007. And he urged listeners on the Morristown Green to support a council measure to name Morristown “The Community of Patriotism.”

Here are some photos; video to come later.

bob tracey speaks at memorial day 2010 in morristown
Bob Tracey speaks at 2010 Memorial Day service on the Morristown Green. It's the 54th year that Bob has done so. Beside him is Marine Corps veteran Richard Conti. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
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