Flooding blocks part of southbound Route 287 in Morristown

Two lanes are closed on southbound 287 in Morristown because of flooding, reports TransOptions.

Morristown Green reader is ‘Even Grateful for the Black Snow’

'PARKING: AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY.' March 5, 2014, Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

As our thoughts turn to spring rebirth, a reader counts her blessings–which include the black snow.

Morristown firefighters called about that smoky smell…from Pine Barrens

CLEAN MACHINE: Fire trucks will be on display at April 15 open house of the Morristown Fire Department. Photo by Berit Ollestad

Morristown firefighters were called to check out hazy smoke that turned out to be from a massive wildfire in the Pine Barrens, according to the fire chief.

Mayor’s report: Snowfall total, master plan, trees, street sweeper

The snowy scene at Burnham Park. Photo by Heidi Killen

Snow, streets, trees and the master plan make the Mayor’s newsletter.

Morris County Library closing early because of power outages, March 26

The Morris County Library in Cedar Knolls. Photo: Library Facebook page.

The Morris County Library is closing early because of a power outage.

Cry me a river: Dirty snow melt flows into the Whippany in Morristown

GROOMING THE SLOPES AT MOUNT NAZERY, where Morristown's snow i being deposited. Photo by Berit Ollestad

One man is rooting for winter to linger in Morristown; this video shows why.

Say it ain’t snow…

The furry critter was right...six more weeks of winter started on Monday with a snowstorm. Photo: News.Discovery.com

Would someone kindly inform the weather gods that it’s time for baseballs, not snowballs?

Morris County Courthouse delays opening

The Morris County Courthouse in sunnier times. Photo: New Jersey Courts.

Superior Court in Morristown will have a delayed opening, at 10:30 am on Monday, March 3, 2014, because of inclement weather, Morris County Spokesman Joe Garifo said on Sunday night. Repost This Article

Morristown steps up “no parking” in advance of storm

free parking dehart st garage

Morristown police are advising residents to obey emergency no parking signs and put their cars into free municipal garages during the upcoming snowstorm.

With more snow coming, free garage parking extended to Morristown residents

With another storm approaching, free garage parking for Morristown residents has been extended to 8 am on Presidents' Day 2014. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

With another snowstorm in the forecast, free garage parking is available to Morristown residents, starting on Sunday night.