Rain, rain, do NOT stay away: Drought precautions for Greater Morristown

NJ drought map, October 2016. Source: NJ DEP.

New use: How to make sure we have enough water to go around.

Morris OEM: Hurricane Matthew not likely to affect Greater Morristown

UNHAPPY HALLOWEEN: NASA's spooky satellite image of Hurricane Matthew hitting Haiti on Oct. 4, 2016.

It’s small comfort to Floridians. But New Jersey probably will be spared, according to Morris County officials.

OEM: Greater Morristown ‘in the clear’ from Hermine

Hermine's projected track, as of 11 am, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016. Source: National Weather Service

Looks like maybe we have dodged a weather bullet for a change. Throw another shrimp on the barbie!!

Morris OEM keeping eye on tropical storm Hermine

morris oem logo

Looks like you should plan your barbecues for Friday and Saturday.

Area volunteers join Red Cross relief efforts in Louisiana

red cross logo

Louisiana volunteers came to Jersey to help after Hurricane Sandy. Here’s how to repay the favor.

Excessive heat warning continues for Greater Morristown

HOW HOT IS IT? So hot that some of the light bulbs appear to have melted from the '94 degrees' sign on Sunday afternoon. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

This weather is more than annoying; it’s dangerous. Heed these tips to keep your cool.

Morristown reopens cooling centers

CLEAN MACHINE: Fire trucks will be on display at April 15 open house of the Morristown Fire Department. Photo by Berit Ollestad

If your a.c. is AWOL, you can cool off here.

Two crippling storms in one month: Are underground wires the answer?

Snapped pole on Western Avenue. Photo by Pamela Babcock

What hit us… and what can be done?

Power restored to Greater Morristown; safety tips for frozen foods

Tree on house after severe storm hit Greater Morristown. Photo by Pamela Babcock

Can you eat foods from your fridge after a lengthy power outage? Follow these guidelines.

Western Avenue still closed; latest storm numbers

Crews working to repair lines on Western Avenue. Photo by Tim Dougherty

Utility crews made progress overnight repairing storm-damaged lines, but about 800 Greater Morristown residents still awoke without electricity on Sunday.