Video: Ten veterans are honored in Morristown for Memorial Day

Presenting the colors at the Morris County 2016 Memorial Day observance. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

On a very warm spring lunchtime, Morris officials thanked area veterans for their service.

The meaning of Memorial Day? Watch this video

Army Lt. Col. Edward Croot remembers a fallen comrade.Photo by Kevin Coughlin

He has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Give this officer 11 minutes of your holiday weekend.

A timeless and timely Joni tune, at The Minstrel

With a changing of the guard at the Morristown Parking Authority, this classic song struck a chord.

Morristown High wins a ‘Foxy’ for its ‘Christmas Carol’ cast

The Foxy-winning cast of 'A Christmas Carol' at MHS. Photo: MHS Theatre

MHS caps an exciting theatrical year with All-State honors.

Video: Jingle-jangle memories from Roger McGuinn of Byrds fame, at Sanctuary show in Madison

Roger McGuinn of Byrds fame performing at Drew University, for the Sanctuary series. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

A seminal voice of the ’60s shared stories of heady times with Beatles, Bob and the Stones.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tells Drew grads: Forget hopeful hype, and the Kardashian Dream

Drew President MaryAnn Baenninger with Commencement Speaker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Image courtesy of Drew University

Words to live by from an NBA legend.

Video: President Obama’s full Rutgers speech, and excerpts aimed at The Donald

President Obama speaks at the 2016 Rutgers commencement. Image:

The President aims some zingers at Donald Trump.

Video: Hospital settlement looms large in 2016 Morristown budget proposal

Town Administrator Jillian Barrick presents 2016 budget, flanked by CFO Frank Mason and Mayor Tim Dougherty. Photo by Kevin Coughlin, may 10, 2016

The new town administrator faced a new challenge: Doing more with more.

Update: Morris Plains woman adjusts to ‘New Normal’ after breast cancer surgery

'I CHOOSE LIFE': Penny Lopez after breast cancer surgery. Photo by Antonio Lopez

‘I choose life,’ says Penny Lopez.

Morristown High astronomers draw a bead on rare transit of Mercury

That's not a smudge on your computer screen. That's the planet Mercury! Smartphone photo by MHS student Mairen Flanagan.

The sun made a rare appearance on Monday–with a special guest star. Or rather, a guest planet.