Music At Noon returns to Morristown with City Winds Trio holiday show, Dec. 3

City Winds Trio (Bassoon) 2

Take a lunch break on Thursday and enjoy Greensleeves, the Skaters Waltz, and selections from The Nutcracker.

Classical couple charms listeners at Morristown United Methodist Church

Exhausted but happy, Mialtin and Naoko Zhezha take a bow at the Morristown United Methodist Church. Photo by Linda Stamato

He is from Albania. She is from Japan. They had no trouble communicating on stage.

Florham Park law firm lets its hair down with iconic images from John Lennon’s photographer

John Lennon, photographed in the '70s by Bob Gruen.

From The Beatles to Green Day, Bob Gruen has photographed the biggest names in rock.

Top viola-piano duo to perform in Morristown, Nov. 21

Naoko Zhezha, pianist, and violinist Mialtin Zhezha.

Mialtin Zhezha and Naoko Zhezha have won numerous awards. Discover why this weekend.

Mahler’s Ninth Symphony, an epic reflection on melancholy, at the Bickford in Morris Township

David Wroe, conductor of the New Jersey Festival Orchestra

The production was miniature in size, but maximum in its impact.

Bach to basics: Classical music you can sink your teeth into, with the Discovery Orchestra

George Marriner Maull compares a modern convex (loud) bow with the concave (soft) baroque model used by Sarah Darling of New York Baroque Incorporated. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Who knew dissecting classical music without anesthesia could be so painless?

Amy Grant’s time passages in Morristown

Amy Grant at MPAC in Morristown. By Kevin Coughlin

The Queen of Christian Music shares her pensive side at MPAC.

Combined choirs from Morristown churches give heavenly ‘All Saints’ show

All Saints concert, featuring combined Presbyterian and Methodist choirs, at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown. Photo by Bruce Frazier

The Presbyterian and Methodist choirs combined for memorable works of requiem.

John Ford Coley solves ’70s musical mystery, at Sanctuary series in Chatham

SO THAT'S WHAT HE SANG! John Ford Coley reveals mystery line from '76 hit. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

‘I’m not talking about … the linen?’ No, of course not!

For our Mets friends…a song from Yankees organist Ed Alstrom

Yankee Stadium organist Ed Alstrom

We’d like to dedicate this pinstriped performance to everyone who is bleeding orange and blue right now.