Guitar duo performs this Friday in Morristown at free lunchtime concert

Rob Heinink.

Guitarists Rob Heinink and Willy Dalton open the free Music on the Green season with a lunchtime concert on Friday at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown.

Minstrel cancels Sept. 12 concert in Morris Township

UNDER THE WEATHER: Finest Kind. The trio's Minstrel show is canceled because of illness.

Best wishes to singer Shelly Posen, who is under the weather.

Love to sing? The Morris Choral Society has auditions, Sept, 15, 22

The Morris Choral Society, conducted by R. Wayne Walters. Photo courtesy of the choral society.

Are you a serious amateur singer? The Morris Choral Society seriously would like to hear from you.

John Fogerty in Morristown: ‘The luckiest man alive’

John Fogerty

If someone could have hooked John Fogerty to the grid on Friday, he would have powered Morristown’s energy needs for the entire weekend.

Where did the summer go?

Where did the summer go?

A song for the day after Labor Day.

A real Fluke: Stuart Fuchs at Uke New Jersey in Morris Township

Stu Fuchs prepares to airmail his Fluke uke at Uke New Jersey Too! Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Who knew the humble ukulele had so many uses? The amazing Stuart Fuchs, that’s who.

Hooping it up at Uke NJ fest in Morris Township

IS THERE ANYTHING SHE CAN'T DO? Maura Kennedy of The Kennedys sings, plays and hoops at Uke New Jersey Too! Photo by Kevin Coughlin

This video is dedicated to anyone who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Uke New Jersey Too: Holiday guarantees with no strings attached, Aug. 29-30 in Morris Township

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer will perform at Uke New Jersey Too in Morris Township over the Labor Day weekend.

The Folk Project is offering insurance against a soggy Labor Day Weekend: Uke New Jersey Too, a festival celebrating the sunniest of instruments.

Musical memories of the 2014 Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest

SECURITY! No, wait--it's just Mikey Junior taking his harmonica for a walk on the Green. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

When Old Man Winter reclaims the Morristown Green, fire up this video to warm your soul.

Video: In the groove with Matt Schofield, at the 2014 Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest

Matt Schofield at the 2014 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Crank your speakers, sit back, and let Matt Schofield take you on an extended musical journey. From Saturday’s Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest.