Homeless man meets cold end in Morristown

Personal effects of homeless man found dead outside a Morristown church on Friday. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The temperature sign on South Street said 48 degrees. But it felt much colder.

Morristown police: Road work may cause delays on Thompson, Grant, King, Ford, Franklin

morristown police logo

Paving may result in closures of these roads.

Morristown police arrest two on heroin charges at lunchtime on South Street

morristown police badge

They looked suspicious to the undercover officer. His hunch resulted in a pair of arrests.

In the nick of time: Morristown police rescue man at death’s door

Morristown police rescue an apparent heart attack victim on King Street. Photo by Geoffrey Gogan

Moral to this story: If you must have a medical emergency, have it at lunchtime near a bunch of cops who know what to do.

Morristown police: Expect delays on Early Street, Oct. 17

morristown police logo

Construction and utility repairs near the high school may delay motorists.

Morristown authorities reviewing garage security after car struck by rock tossed from deck

free parking dehart st garage

This motorist is lucky he’s dealing with car insurance agents and not neurosurgeons this week.

Morristown paving update: Today, it’s Western Avenue

Western Avenue will be closed for paving on Oct. 1, 2014, Morristown police advise. Image: Google Maps.

Expect those dreaded ‘D Sisters,’ Detour and Delay.

Morristown police: Expect traffic delays on Speedwell Place, South Street, Sept. 29

morristown police logo

Motorists should take note of roadwork at these Morristown locations.

Police: Road closures for Sunday’s Morristown Festival on the Green

festival on the green 2014 logo

Motorists should avoid these streets on Sunday.

Morristown police: Avoid delays on Western Avenue

Roadwork is expected to cause delays at Western Avenue near the Morris County Courthouse. Image: Google Maps

Anticipate delays from road work near the Morris County Courthouse.