Video playlist: More gems from the 2013 Morristown High graduation

Megan Angulo, student government president, at MHS 2013 graduation. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

  If you attended the 2013 Morristown High School commencement, you probably were too excited to listen closely to what was said. It’s worth another look when you have some quiet time; lots of talent and thoughtful reflections were on display. You can toggle through the video playlist above to see all of Wednesday’s speeches, [...]

Video: Lessons from the Holocaust, for grads in a digital age, from Morristown principal

Interim Principal Ethel Minchello tells Morristown High School graduating seniors to cherish the community values that nurtured them. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

  What is “community”? For Ethel Minchello’s parents, who were Holocaust survivors, it was a Jewish neighborhood that gave them comfort, protection and a chance for a better life in America. Morristown High School’s interim principal told graduating seniors on Wednesday [watch video above] that while rugged individualism has its place in our culture, they [...]

‘A Magical World’: Morristown High commencement celebrates community, teamwork and life’s little things

Morristown High School graduate Nayna Shah has a hug for Interim Principal Ethel Minchello. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

By Ben Burgess Amidst cheers of ecstatic onlookers and the wild blaring of air horns, Morristown High School’s Class of 2013 was graduated Wednesday at the William G. Mennen Sports Arena in a ceremony that preached teamwork and practiced it, too–with a collaborative valediction. The MHS Concert Band, led by Douglas Rutan and Michael Russo, [...]

The future commences for the Class of ’13: Morristown High graduation scenes

GRAVITY IS NO MATCH for Chris Reedy, Cathy Wong and Brett Harvey, after the 2013 Morristown High School graduation. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Morristown High School graduations are full of surprises. Three years ago the valedictorian delivered a rap performance of his speech. A year later, a student spoke movingly about a classmate’s battle with cancer. Wednesday’s speech wasn’t quite a surprise–MG correspondent Ben Burgess had reported that Valedictorian Catherine Wong and Salutatorian Brett Harvey would share the [...]

Video: Dusting off the Alma Mater once again for Morristown High

SINGING UP A STORM: Luke Basile, Zaji Zabalerio, Rebecca McLain and Rachel Clinton sing the Morristown High Alma Mater at Wednesday's graduation. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

You can’t dance to it.  But the Morristown High School Alma Mater has other things going for it. Namely, Luke Basile, Zaji Zabalerio, Rebecca McLain and Rachel Clinton. These senior members of the school choir and concert band did the song proud at Wednesday’s commencement  in Mennen Arena, where 349 students collected their sheepskins. Crank [...]

Video: Valedictory Salutations at 2013 Morristown High graduation

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Valedictorian Catherine Wong gazes into the crowd while Salutatorian Brett Harvey awaits the punch line. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

How smart are Catherine Wong  and Brett Harvey? Smart enough to get into Stanford, for one thing. And smart enough to write a dandy valedictory in under an hour, according to their joint speech on Wednesday at Morristown High School’s commencement. Toastmasters everywhere will want to pay close attention to this video! MORE 2013 GRADUATION [...]

Cathy Wong plans valedictory two-fer at Morristown High graduation

Catherine Wong is the 2013 valedictorian at Morristown High School.

By Ben Burgess At 7 o’clock tonight, June 26, 2013, some 349 Morristown High School seniors will file solemnly into the William G. Mennen Sports Arena, quietly absorbing the expectant gazes of friends and families. Finally, after four long years of hard work, these students can breathe sighs of relief. They will be graduating. But [...]

Video: Johannes Burger’s soulful performance at Morristown High’s Classics Academy Night

Johannes Burger performs an original composition at Classics Academy Night at Morristown High School. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Morristown High School’s Classics Academy  covered creativity from A to Z last week, from Asteroids (a study project by Travis Fielding) to Zaji Zabalerio (who produced an incredible original film, Brother). The video clip here showcases Johannes Burger, who composed an original musical suite, Resolutions. Classics Academy, which has just completed its third year, is [...]

Video: A brief history of fashion, courtesy of Shannon Kikuchi and Morristown High’s Classics Academy

Shannon Kikuchi, left, discusses math and fashion at Classics Academy Night. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

See if you can follow this thread:  Here is a five-minute history of fashion, from Marie Antoinette to the Civil War. It’s part of a broader study by Morristown High School senior Shannon Kikuchi, a member of the school’s Classics Academy. The year-long program–which has just completed its third season–views contemporary issues through the lens [...]

Julius Caesar, The Video Game: From Classics Academy at Morristown High School

Shannon Kikuchi, center, an Rebecca Beneroff, right, will present their Classics Academy projects at Morristown High School. They fought to save the program in 2012, when this photo was taken. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

By Ben Burgess What would you get if you transported Julius Caesar to the 1960s? A pretty clever video game, if you’re Rebecca Beneroff. The Morristown High School senior has created a text-based adventure game–still untitled–that puts the gamer in Brutus’ sandals. But she didn’t stop there. “I basically rewrote World War Two,” Beneroff said [...]