Fighting Martians at the Morristown library

WHEN RADIO WAS KING: Raconteur Radio recreated the famous 1938 broadcast of 'The War of the Worlds' at the Morristown & Township Library. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Thank goodness America wasn’t using anti-bacterial hand soap when the Martians invaded in 1938.

The 2014 Morristown CraftMarket: Inspirations at every turn

'BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HURT YOU' : Geraldo De-Souza of 'Everyday Bow Ties' of East Syracuse, NY, at the 2014 Morristown CraftMarket. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The clothes really DO make the man. Just ask Geraldo De-Souza, one of 160 fascinating artisans at this weekend’s craft show.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Crafts, Coz and Cool homes

Radio Raconteur

Hope you are well rested. You have a busy weekend ahead of you.

Morris Township candidates spar over Honeywell, retirement communities, governing styles

Morris Township Committee candidates prior to forum at Alexander Hamilton School. From left: Republicans Dan Caffrey (incumbent) and Louise Johnson, and Democrats Cathy Wilson and Jeff Grayzel (incumbent). Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The Republicans emphasized fiscal prudence; the Democrats called for more open government.

Video: Morris Township candidates square off in Morristown

Fifty-seven people attended the forum, hosted by the League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area and moderated by Louise Davis, of the League's Mountain Lakes chapter. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Who won?

Tall in the saddle: Dentist’s leather works should bring smiles to Morristown CraftMarket, Oct. 17-19

Lee Ecker with one of his lovingly hand-crafted saddles. He's making his vendor debut at the Morristown CraftMarket from Oct. 17-19, 2014.

Saddle up, Pilgrims! The CraftMarket rides into town this weekend, and the artists’ stories are almost as fascinating as their exotic creations.

Candidates stress fiscal responsibility, stable taxes in Morris Township committee race

Incumbent Dan Caffrey and Louse Johnson are the Republican candidates for the Morris Township Committee.

The GOP candidates for Morris Township Committee cite the municipality’s financial health as a reason for its desirability.

Video: Oncogenes, beware. Deepak and Dean have your number, at Chambers Center in Morris Township

Video: Oncogenes, beware. Deepak and Dean have your number, at Chambers Center in Morris Township

Here is food for meditation, from a pair of best-selling authors in the world of alternative medicine.

Chopra, Ornish bless Greater Morristown’s Chambers wellness center, where treatments range from A(cupuncture) to Z(umba)

PLEDGE DRIVE? No it's the Chambers Center for Well Being grand opening, starring Drs. Dean Ornish and Deepak Chopra. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The Atlantic Health System tapped a pair of heavy hitters to open its Chambers Center for Well Being.

Greater Morristown Columbus weekend preview: Music, steampunk, cornhole…who could ask for anything more?

ONE WAY TO BOOST TOURISM: Feature the 'White Elephant Burlesque' show, as Historic Speedwell did at its International Steampunk Weekend. Photo by Bill Lescohier.

If Columbus had landed on Morristown Green, he would have discovered all kinds of fun things to tell Queen Isabella.