Greater Morristown weekend preview: Who needs the Shore?

singer christine deleon

Don’t despair if you’re not Shore-bound; plenty of fun can be had around Greater Morristown this weekend.

Candle suspected in Morris Township fire, police say

Morris Township police logo

They’re meant to chase bugs away. But sometimes they back-fire…

Morristown library adding new author to its shelves: Librarian Sandy Hall, Aug. 26

a little something different, by sandy hall

Congratulate new novelist Sandy Hall, teen librarian at the Morristown & Township Library, at a book party in the library this month.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Get the blues on the Green

Matt Schofield

There is only one place to be this Saturday: On the Green, enjoying free jazz and blues.

Morristown police: Expect major road closures on Ridgedale Avenue, Aug. 20, 21

Detours for Ridgedale Avenue, Aug. 20 and 21, 2014.

Motorists should avoid Ridgedale Avenue on Aug. 20 and 21, 2014, Morristown police advise. The state will be replacing railroad tracks.

Weather 2, Moonlighters, 0. Ginty concert washed out again

Next up: 'Despicable Me 2,' Ginty Field on Aug. 23.

In weather, as in music, timing is everything.

We’re told the Moonlighters have no trouble keeping a beat. It’s timing the forecast that gives the swing band trouble.

Moonlighters concert to close curtain on summer series at Ginty Field, 6:30 pm, Aug. 12

The Moonlighters Swing Orchestra

The Moonlighters bring free swing music to Ginty Field at 6:30 pm., to conclude Morris Township’s summer music series.

Critter blamed for knocking out power to 1,300 in Morristown

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‘Animal contact’ is being blamed for knocking out power to 1,300 Morristown customers on Sunday morning. The electric company aims to have everyone back online by noon.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Time-travel sure to bring a smile

Lashone Murphy of the Morristown Neighborhood House has written her first book, 'The Day I Made the Sky Smile,' illustrated by Charles Caldwell. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Feeling pangs of summer wanderlust? Time-travel back to the ’80s pop charts, 19th-century Base Ball, or even to the fringes of the universe, this weekend in Greater Morristown.

Aftermath of ‘Aftermath,’ from Ginty concert in Morris Township

Daniela Oldham and Peter Gingeleskie of Provident Bank supply free popcorn for Aftermath show at Ginty Field. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Aftermath dusted off its broad repertoire Tuesday at the Ginty Gazebo, on a summer’s eve worth singing about.