Next poll for Morristown ONSTAGE: Opening theme music?

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! choices for intro song at Morristown's Got Talent

So here is Tara’s gown, and the show sequence. Now you can vote for the music that will open the show on feb. 24.

Daniel Baldan, not your typical musician, flies solo at Morristown ONSTAGE, Feb. 24

Dan Baldan. Photo by Jeff Sovelove

The singing guitarist, a finalist for the second time, honed his craft the old-fashioned way: Hard work.

Get your tickets now for Morristown ONSTAGE, Feb. 24

The finalists who will compete in Morristown ONSTAGE 2016. Photo by Katharine Boyle.

Get ‘em while you can!

Anastasia and the Pit bring the blues to Morristown ONSTAGE

Anastasia and the Pit. Photo by Jeff Sovelove

They may dress in black, but they sing the blues.

Help the hostess: Choose Tara’s gown for Morristown ONSTAGE

tara bernie gown

Democracy in action! Your vote counts!

Finalists announced for Morristown ONSTAGE!, Feb. 24

morristown onstage logo

Congratulations and good luck to this year’s contestants!

OMG! We’re in Morristown ONSTAGE!!

The Uke-A-Likes warm up before Morristown ONSTAGE! audition. From left: Lisa Martin, Beth Bachmann, Kevin Coughlin and David Codey. Photo by Jeff Sovelove.

Tiny instruments can hatch big dreams!

Morristown Onstage auditions set for Dec. 12

morristown onstage logo

Time to whip your act into shape: The former Morristown’s Got Talent cranks up for season nine in just a few weeks.

Morristown’s Got Talent is now Morristown ONSTAGE

morristown onstage logo

Morristown’s Got Talent–yes. And now, it has a new moniker.

Raising digital kids: Experts to give free Morristown talk, Oct. 13

Old and new: Steampunk and smartphone. Photo by Katharine Boyle

Tips for helping youths safely navigate the online world.