A song for Grow It Green Morristown, which is getting a (sort of) new truck

Jonathan Byrd sings at the Folk Project's Spring 2016 Acoustic Getaway. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Jonathan Byrd and Johnny Waken of North Carolina turned North Jersey folkies into country fans with this one.

A timeless and timely Joni tune, at The Minstrel

With a changing of the guard at the Morristown Parking Authority, this classic song struck a chord.

Video Valentine: Beppe Gambetta love songs, from The Minstrel

Beppe Gambetta at The Minstrel. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Love songs from Italy’s musical gift to New Jersey.

Video: Fuchs brings taste of Brazil to Morris Township, at The Minstrel

Stuart Fuchs at The Minstrel. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Sweet sounds from South of the equator…via the Columbia Turnpike.

Warning: Ukulele Festival in Morris Township could change your life, Aug. 28-30

Sean Rafferty, 10, gets a helping hand from Grammy-winner Cathy Fink at Uke New Jersey Too! Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Do you have the guts to think small? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Video: One of the greatest songs ever, by the guy who wrote it

The Minstrel is about to embark on its next 40 years. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

You may not know Tom Paxton. But chances are, you know his song.

Video: A song for the firemen

Firefighter battling deadly fire on Pine Street, July 2015. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Tom Paxton sings ‘The Bravest’ at The Minstrel’s 40th anniversary concert.

Video: Paxton winds down as Minstrel series catches second wind

Tim Sevener manages a ukulele bass and a kazoo, a combination rarely, if ever, seen, let alone heard, at Folk Project celebration of Minstrel series 40th birthday. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Tom Paxton has played all kinds of places over the last 55 years. Turns out our very own Minstrel series was what he was looking for all along.

Behind the Music: A song for the volunteers

Behind the Music: A song for the volunteers

They are the secret sauce behind 40 years of tasty concerts at The Minstrel. Here is their saucy take on the matter.

Video: Tom Paxton zings Trump, sings for GOP, at Minstrel bash

Tom Paxton sings at 40th anniversary of The Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The campaign trail is going to miss this guy…