Morristown maestro to celebrate Father’s Day with tango tribute at MPAC

Sebastián Forster

You may be a tango fan. But chances are, you’ve never heard tango like this.

Chenoweth, astronaut top Mayo Center roster for new season

Kristin Chenoweth opens 2015-16 season at MPAC. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Check out the lineup for 2016-17.

Tiny actor gets big laughs in ‘Mary Poppins’ at MPAC

Aidan Alberto, 9, between performances of 'Mary Poppins' in Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Aidan Alberto is only 9. But he’s learned a lot about acting naturally–and entertaining packed houses–in Morristown’s record-breaking musical.

Meet the Queen of ‘Mary Poppins’…and more stars, large and small, from MPAC’s latest hit

'Queen Victoria' Fanning, after 'Mary Poppins' premiere. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Meet some of the people who make this lavish production soar.

Your word for the day, from ‘Mary Poppins’ at MPAC

P1210190 flying cropped

Here’s a spoonful of video to help the medicine go down.

Co-stars finally getting the hang of ‘Mary Poppins,’ opening June 3 at MPAC

Justin Anthony Long and Sandy Taylor both will reach new heights in MPAC's production of 'Mary Poppins.' Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Looking down on an audience can be fun, as Sandy Taylor and Justin Anthony Long are learning.

‘Poppins’ preview pleases patrons at Mayo Center

Cast gives a glimpse of upcoming 'Mary Poppins' show at MPAC. Photo by Mary Dougherty

The big show is almost here.

MPAC gets approval for show parking in Verizon lot

'OVERFLOW' LOT: Patrons of MPAC shows now can park legally in the Verizon lot on Oak Street. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

A summons will be dismissed, thanks to a variance granted during a marathon zoning meeting.

‘Let It Be’ raises a smile at the Mayo Center

'CLOSE YOUR EYES...' and Let It Be, in Morristown. From left: Neil Candelora, JT Curtis, Michael Gagliano and Chris McBurney. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Yeah, yeah, yeah… guilty as charged.

The Hit Men hit all the right notes in Morristown

The horn section of The Hit Men, at MPAC. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Keep the hits coming, Gentlemen.