Greater Morristown weekend preview: Bob in the woods, Bacon at the Mayo

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Bob in the woods, Bacon at the Mayo

Greater Morristown brings home the Bacon…make that the Bacon Brothers, this weekend. Lots of other tasty treats round out the calendar.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Lawyers 5K for Kids, old-fashioned nightlife

Hub Hollow. Photo by Stan Freeney.

Molière or moths by moonlight. Music in a garden. A barbecue in the park. Run, swim, sing, kick back in a caboose… life is good on this July weekend in Greater Morristown.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Declare Independence, close to home

Tom Winslow of the National Park Service on how it feels to read the Declaration of Independence on the historic Morristown Green. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Whip yourself into a patriotic frenzy for the Fourth, right here, Where America Survived.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Meet us in Morristown

Kadie Dempsey and Melissa Chernow of Morris Arts are ready for Morristown's new summer street fairs. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Looking for something to do this weekend? Meet Me In Morristown!

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Symphonic picnics, un-Civil skirmishes, library hangovers, and more

Gemma New , associate conductor New Jersey Symphony

If someone asks you to step outside this weekend, take it as a friendly offer.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Poetry, picnics & planetariums for dear old Dad

our youth their future poster 2014

Poetry, picnics and planetariums are just a few of the Fathers Day options beckoning to you and Dad in Greater Morristown this weekend.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Student auteurs, sheepish collies and Martha Washington, too

mhs film fest 2014 logo

Discover the future of cinema; dig into George Washington’s past. Greater Morristown offers a myriad of entertainment options this weekend.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: You will need some ‘Hairspray’

hairpsray, spring 2014 , mpac

From ‘Hairspray’ to ‘Heavenly Bodies,’ there is something for everyone this weekend in Greater Morristown.

Greater Morristown Memorial Weekend preview: Parades and wreaths, and maybe some music and soccer

Rookie firefighter at the 2012 Memorial Day Parade in Morris Plains. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

As summer makes its unofficial arrival, here are some ways to keep the ‘Memorial’ in your Memorial Day Weekend.

Greater Morristown weekend preview: Caped crusaders, Derby yarns, and ice cream, too!

IS THERE A SUPERHERO IN THE HOUSE? From the Superhero Half Marathon in Morris Township. Photo by Berit Ollestad

Don a cape and run like the wind. Spin yarns with Derby divas. Eat ice cream with an impresario. Savor some art. Ride a choo-choo. Greater Morristown abounds with options this weekend.