Your bone marrow could save this Morristown native: Donor screenings, Jan. 21

John Ginty with his family.

If you are between the ages 18 and 44, and in good health, the Hyland family urges you to be screened on Wednesday as a potential donor. The test is quick and painless.

A teacher’s farewell medley, from his Morristown Alumni All-Stars

A teacher’s farewell medley, from his Morristown Alumni All-Stars

A musical farewell, delivered with love, to a beloved music teacher.

Will one more Iron in the fire make Morristown sizzle or fizzle? Council hears both sides

Musician John Ginty, left, testifies at Iron Bistro hearing, with Paul Viggiano. Photo by Berit Ollestad

Proponents of the Iron Bistro rolled out some heavy artillery–Grammy nominee John Ginty, and a snappy video–at Wednesday’s hearing before the town council.

Hollywood can’t top this: Morristown teacher sendoff ends on emotional high note

Justin Sobers, '99, conducts MHS Alumni Tribute Band. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

In a sendoff worthy of Hollywood, former students gave a rousing performance for retiring Morris District music teacher John Schumacher on Wednesday.

‘Just go for it’ : Grammy nominee John Ginty to join tribute to beloved Morristown music teacher, June 4

Band director John Schumacher, left, with protege John Ginty, circa 1990. Photo courtesy of John Ginty.

Grammy-nominated keyboard player John Ginty returns Wednesday to his alma mater, Morristown High School, for a special Jazz Night tribute to a beloved music teacher.

Video preview: Morristown’s hometown headliner at First Night, John Ginty

john ginty bad news travels

Bad News Travels. And that’s good news for fans of John Ginty, headlining at First Night Morris County on New Year’s Eve.