Open for Business: Video for a job campaign

The “Elevator Speech” is moving to YouTube.  In the big city, where elevators are prevalent, your audience may be captive for 30 sec – 2 minutes.  If you can pitch your business idea, or the value proposition in their hiring you in 30 seconds, you may get the chance to explain further.  Not enough elevators […]

Mike Palestina on Effective Job Searching Feb 28th 9AM

Career Coach

Executive coach Mike Palestina will be speaking on Monday, Feb 28th, at 9 am at the Great Hall at 70 Maple Avenue in Morristown.  Identifying and networking into target companies will be the focus of the presentation.  Mike recommends having fifty (50!) target companies to insure success.  For many, coming up with a list of […]

Jay Rovert offers the transitional community financial 411

Jay Rovert, Counselor to Transitional Community

Job transition can be a time of financial bleeding. Don’t wait until you need to dial 911. February 17th at the Morris County Library, Jay Rovert will spend the morning giving advice to job seekers that is both financial and practical.  The presentation is sponsored by Dover Professional Services Group and is open to the […]

Open for Business: Picture your resume as a picture

Your credentials in a box

In the today’s world of five applicants for every job opening, it’s important to be noticed. Let’s assume you make the initial cut from the screening criteria of an online application database or that you’ve successfully networked into HR or the hiring manager.  You still need to communicate your credentials to a low level reviewer […]

Open For Business: Older job seekers have support in Morristown

workers 65 and over

By Beth Kujan Age discrimination is a deep fear running through Morristown professionals in a job transition.  Actually though, the jobless rate among older workers is lower than the average, according to an article published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last March. For those over 55 years of age, the jobless rate was 7 […]

Online resume editing – Free through the Morristown library

example resume

Imagine that you’ve lost your job and don’t have an outplacement package. Wouldn’t it be great to have a set of seminars plus an editor to work on your resume? That’s what we have through the Morristown & Township Library.   Services such as and LearningExpress Library have services specifically for job seekers. They are […]

The 1099 breadwinner, a view from the Morris Career Network

1099 form

By Beth Kujan You know a word is important when it steps up from a noun to a verb. “Google” is a famous example, as in the sentence “google my name and you’ll find my work history.” It did surprise me though to hear a number used as a verb. The number was “ten-ninety-nine,” as […]