Morristown officials tell immigrants: You have nothing to fear from us

Police Chief Pete Demnitz tries to reassure immigrants. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Should undocumented immigrants be treated just like everyone else? The council heard both sides on Tuesday.

Pushing the boundaries of the frontier while fighting for the spirit of a nation: Morristown library spotlights Harper’s

Whiskety Peddler on the Plains, 3.26.1870

Harper’s Weekly: A Window to the World for More than Half a Century

In wake of federal raids, immigrants advocacy group plans ‘know your rights’ talks in Morristown this week

Cristian Dardon, left. Photo courtesy of Wind of the Spirit.

Wind of the Spirit will discuss basic rights that immigrants should know when dealing with federal immigration agents.

Video: Latino community sounds off against Morristown lawn protest

Demonstrators exercise their free speech in Morristown. photo by Kevin Coughlin

Hispanic groups voice their displeasure with a resident’s provocative lawn display.

Morristown man’s stacking of anti-stacking signs tests free speech, and tempers

Gregg Bruen removes sign from neighbor's lawn, as Det. Keith Hudson observes. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

In an age of hashtags and tweets, old-fashioned lawn signs still stir passions.

Morristown group protests stalled immigration reforms

Prayer walk around the Green protests stalled immigration reform. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Demonstrators staged a prayer walk on what would have been day one of a measure to ease deportation fears for some undocumented immigrants.

Immigrant groups plan Palm Sunday march from Morristown to Mendham to protest Gov. Christie stance

Cristian Dardon, left. Photo courtesy of Wind of the Spirit.

The 10-mile trek is meant to draw attention to the governor’s opposition to federal deportation relief programs.

Letter to the Editor: Rep. Lance, walk the streets of Dover

wind of the spirit logo

A Morristown-based immigration advocacy group says a congressman has failed his constituents in Morris County.

What does President Obama’s immigration action mean for parents and children? Lawyer to explain in Morristown, Dec. 9, 11

nabe immigration talks poster

An immigration lawyer will explain the nuances.

Morristown group on President’s immigration speech: ‘Gratitude, relief and frustration’

Cristian Dardon, left. Photo courtesy of Wind of the Spirit.

An advocacy organization responds to the Obama proposal.