‘World Healing Meditation’ at Morristown spiritual living center, Dec. 31

center for spiritual living world meditation

Ring out the old by sharing a positive vibe, worldwide.

NJ Lottery coming to Harding, Morristown to shoot ‘Happy’ commercial, June 4

nj lottery logo

Lottery winners will be dancing in the streets of Morristown on Wednesday, according to the New Jersey Lottery Commission, which is shooting commercials around the state.

Harding police grab this bull by the horns…so to speak

FORTUNATELY, it never came to this in Harding. Photo by Tomas Castelazo

If the Morris County police academy ever decides to offer training in bull-herding, Harding’s Finest have the instructors.

Update on loose bull in Harding… and that runaway cow in Morristown

bull art via wikimedia

Harding’s missing bull was last seen in woods near Spring Valley Road, according to police. The bull bolted with a cow that ambled to Morristown–and loped home with a police escort– on Tuesday.

A lot of bull, and we’re not kidding: Harding police are chasing one

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS if you find a wandering bull in the Harding area. Photo: Wikimedia.org

A bull has wandered from a Harding farm, according to police. And unless you are a cow looking for a date, you should steer clear of this critter.

Runaway cow! Bovine bravado tests Finest in Morristown and Morris Township

Police herd cow down South Street near the Morristown/Morris Township border. Photo by Rebecca Feldman.

In Morris County’s version of the Running of the Bulls, police from Morristown and Morris Township herded a runaway cow to safety on Tuesday. And you thought we only had to worry about love-sick black bears!

Route 287 lanes reopened in Harding

As of 11:38 am on Dec. 19, 2012, all northbound lanes on Route 287 in Harding are reopened, reports TransOptions. Two lanes had been blocked this morning by a downed tree.

Downed tree closes two northbound lanes in Rt. 287 in Harding

As of 10:40 am on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, two northbound lanes on Route 287 were closed in Harding, north of exit 30, reports TransOptions. The cause: A downed tree.    

Bear alert: Bruins are just up the road from Morristown, in Harding

Harding police are advising residents there to keep garage doors closed and to bring indoors any trash cans or anything else with food that might be enticing to bears. Multiple bear sightings have been reported on Glen Alpin Road, Fawn Hill Drive, Youngs Road, Welsh Lane, Brook Drive South, Homestead Road and Kennedy Lane, according […]

Sunday talk to focus on saving Hurstmont, a Morris estate from the Gilded Age


By Susan Alai “The Story and Scandal of Hurstmont. A House of the Gilded Age” is the featured topic presented this Sunday at 3 pm by the Friends of Florham at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison. Historic preservationist Janet Foster, and author Barbara Brennan will discuss the architectural and social histories of Hurstmont and the […]