Morristown church sexton charged with falsifying probation records

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The suspect is charged with taking a bribe to falsely report that someone had satisfied his court-ordered community service at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer.

Bishop tells Morristown service to declare gay pride in wake of Orlando shootings

'THE CHURCH HAS A LOT OF REPENTING TO DO' : Bishop Gene Robinson speaks for gay pride at Morristown's Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Religion has been the biggest obstacle to gay equality, a pioneering gay bishop says.

The bumpy road to equality: Bishop Gene Robinson, gay rights pioneer, to speak in Morristown, June 25-26

Bishop Gene Robinson

The LGBT community needs a history lesson, the bishop says.

‘It can happen anywhere’ : Greater Morristown grieves Orlando together

Mourners with pictures of Orlando shooting victims. Photo by Ally Tobler, June 15, 2016

The rally had a simple message: ‘We cannot let hate win.’

Hundreds gather in Morristown to honor victims of Orlando shooting

Mourners hold candles and photos of Orlando shooting victims, during vigil on the Morristown Green. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

‘There is no reason on God’s green earth’ for anyone to own assault rifles, a bishop tells a service for the Orlando shooting victims.

Vigil for Orlando victims, at Morristown’s Redeemer, June 15

Candlelight vigil on the Morristown Green remembered children and teachers massacred in Newtown, CT. Photo by Bill Lescohierin

The public is invited to remember the innocent victims. Again.

Gene Robinson, pioneering gay minister, to preach at Morristown’s Redeemer, June 25-26

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He reportedly had to wear a bullet-proof vest to his 2003 consecration in New Hampshire.

Morristown’s Redeemer to host award-winner ‘Tiger Tiger,’ April 17

'Tiger Tiger' is coming to Morristown's Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

An ailing conservationist tries to save another creature whose days may be numbered.

Out of Solitary: An artist takes root, at Redeemer in Morristown

at behind bars poster redeeemer

Prison, from the inside: A unique art show.

Video: The real story behind ‘The 33’: Author Héctor Tobar on Chilean miner rescue, at Morristown book fest

Hector Tobar in Morristown. Photo: Morristown Festival of Books.

How do you mine a compelling book from a story with a well known ending? Book lovers and aspiring authors, watch this talk.