Barenaked Ladies in Morristown: Seal the border!

Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies in Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

It’s just not fair.

Sample some Klez Dispensers for lunch, free on the Morristown Green, July 22

The Klez Dispensers

With a name like the Klez Dispensers, how can you go wrong? Have a taste for lunch, on the Morristown Green.

News flash from Morristown: Bacon is good for you

Michael and Kevin Bacon in Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The Mayo Center brought home the Bacon on Sunday. Two slices, actually, and they were healthy treats.

Dance Fever on the Morristown Green

Dance Fever on the Morristown Green

The mercury was no match for this ensemble on the Morristown Green.

Lucinda Williams in Morristown: No wallowing allowed

Lucinda Williams at MPAC. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Her songs live on the corner of Heartbreak and Despair. But Lucinda Williams did not loiter there for long on Friday, thanks to a muscular band that helped her soar.

‘Rain’ Beatles tribute at MPAC: Where the cheap seats are the best seats in the house

Rain performs Beatles tribute at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, which recorded its 75th sold out show of the season. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Rain put on a really good shew at the Mayo on Thursday. Even the commercials were hits.

From the Kirov to Captain Kirk: The Mayo in Morristown announces lineup for 20th season

Conductor Valery Gergiev, who sparked the comeback of the Community Theatre, will return for the 20th anniversary season.

The conductor who sparked the re-birth of the Community Theatre will return to celebrate the 20th anniversary of what is now the Mayo Performing Arts Center. Captain Kirk will fire up the warp drive one more time, too.

Living the dream: Amos Lee performs in Morristown

Amos Lee at the Mayo Performing Arts Center. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Amos Lee shifted gears like a NASCAR pro on Tuesday at the Mayo Center.

Note: Amos Lee show starting early tonight at MPAC in Morristown

Amos Lee

A quick note: Tuesday’s Amos Lee concert at MPAC starts 15 minutes earlier than usual, at 7:45 pm.

‘Music Beyond Borders’ brings back free lunch concerts to Morristown, starting June 24

music beyond borders poster 2014

Music Beyond Borders returns to the Morristown Green for its fifth season of free lunchtime concerts, starting on June 24.