Looking good: Bucky Pizzarelli in Morristown

Bassist Martin Pizzarelli, left, with his dad, jazz guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli, at Don Rickles/Regis Philbin show in Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The jazz legend enjoyed some laughs at the Don Rickles show. On Monday, Bucky receives a lifetime achievement award in NYC.

The Comeback Kid: Bucky Pizzarelli rebounds for Morristown music fest

LOOKING GOOD: Bucky Pizzarelli, at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

He was in very bad shape a few short months ago. But this beloved 90-year-old jazzman still has some notes to play.

Music is medicine: Bucky Pizzarelli, risen from the bed, determined to play Morristown jazz fest, Aug. 20

bucky pizzarelli

He’s getting over pneumonia that ‘would have killed most people,’ says his musical partner.

Video: Bria Skonberg, the next jazz diva, turns up the heat at Morristown music fest

Bria Skonberg at the 2015 Morristown Jazz and Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Keep an eye on this trumpeting troubadour.

Charlie Musselwhite and a cast of thousands, at the Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest

Charlie, a toy poodle, brought his pets, Osia and Agnes Dzegielewska, to the Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest 2015. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Remember these sun-drenched scenes when kids are having snowball fights on the Green.

Bucky, Bria and a Roomful of Blues, snapped in Morristown by Jeff Sovelove

Bria Skonberg solos at the Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest 2015. Photo by Jeff Sovelove

The dog days of summer are no match for guitar great Bucky Pizzarelli… or any of his musical acolytes.

Great Conversations in Madison: Oreos, violas and Bucky

NJ SymphonyPresident James Roe, on right, with Samuel and Lidia Forster, at the 2014 Great Conversations. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

There was plenty of meat at ‘Great Conversations.’ But the tidbits are what stick to our ribs.

Bucky Pizzarelli, timeless jazzman, reveals his secret at the Minstrel

Bucky Pizzarelli, timeless jazzman, reveals his secret at the Minstrel

Jazz guitar great Bucky Pizzarelli remains a crowd-pleaser at 88, as he proved at The Minstrel last Friday. How does he do it? Bucky’s answer is sure to confound the experts.

Video: Bucky’s Bickford Birthday Bash in Morris Township

Frank Vignola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Ed Laub and Gene Bertoncini pose after Bucky's 88th birthday bash at the Bickford. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

He’s one of the masters of jazz. Bucky Pizzarelli demonstrates why, in this video on the eve of his 88th birthday, at the Bickford in Morris Township.

Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Bucky Pizzarelli, center, celebrates his 88th birthday in style, at the Bickford Theatre. He's flanked by Frank Vignola and Ed Laub. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Bucky Pizzarelli turns 88 today, Jan. 9. On Wednesday he gave his fans a gift, with an upbeat performance at the Bickford Theatre. Several top jazzmen added their melodic best wishes.