It’s a Wonderful Life, Morristown-style: Fluffy thanks God, and you

It’s a Wonderful Life, Morristown-style: Fluffy thanks God, and you

Eric ‘Fluffy’ Glover has 60,800 reasons to be thankful, which he acknowledges in this video.

Next poll for Morristown ONSTAGE: Opening theme music?

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! choices for intro song at Morristown's Got Talent

So here is Tara’s gown, and the show sequence. Now you can vote for the music that will open the show on feb. 24.

Atrium artist in Morristown paints different picture of Bill Cosby

Alonzo Adams with his painting, 'I Am the N-Word,' at Art in the Atrium 2016. Photo by Penny Lopez

Painter Alonzo Adams has plenty to say about the turmoil facing young black men in America. And he has a platform to say it thanks partly to Bill Cosby.

Get your tickets now for Morristown ONSTAGE, Feb. 24

The finalists who will compete in Morristown ONSTAGE 2016. Photo by Katharine Boyle.

Get ‘em while you can!

Morris Township residents can reserve plots in Ted Largman Community Garden

Ted Largman, left, is honored by Mayor Dan Caffrey for 50 years of volunteer service in Morris Township. Photo by Rich Largman

Eventually, this snow will melt. And Morris Township residents can honor a great volunteer by tending a new garden.

Morristown Mayor: Text-walking more dangerous than texting while driving

Mayor Tim Dougherty consults with Administrator Jillian Barrick at council meeting. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Pedestrians should keep their smartphones in their pockets, say the mayor and police chief.

Gov. comes home, declares state of emergency; NJ Transit suspending service

Gov. Christie declares state of emergency ahead of Winter Storm Jonas. From video.

Travel won’t just be difficult during the Nor’easter. For Jersey residents who rely on mass transit , it will be impossible.

Morris interfaith breakfast speaks of the ‘unfinished home’ of Martin Luther King

Yolanda Pierce, Princeton theologian and MSNBC commentator, addresses Morristown interfaith breakfast on MLK Day 2016. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Nearly a half century after MLK was martyred, America still struggles with issues of race, justice and equality.

A video appeal, and a thank you, from Fluffy, the Ticket-Taker Guy

Eric Glover, from 'thank you' video.

‘It really sucks to be homeless,’ Eric Glover says.

‘Tommy’ like you’ve never heard it before: Bluegrass style, from the HillBenders at the Sanctuary

The HillBenders bend the rules at The Sanctuary, giving a bluegrass spin to 'Tommy.' From left: Gary Rea, Mark Cassidy. Chad Graves and Jim Rea. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure-plays-a-mean… ban-jo?