Video: Watch Gov. Christie’s presidential announcement here, 11 am

Video: Watch Gov. Christie’s presidential announcement here, 11 am

We’ll carry live video from NJTV. Preserve Greystone says it plans to protest at the event.

Music to start your week, from The Secret Trio in Morristown

Music to start your week, from The Secret Trio in Morristown

The secret’s out… these fellows can play!

Swordplay on South Street: Romeo and Juliet try again at Meet Me in Morristown

DIALEST 911, POST-HASTE! Romeo makes a shocking discovery at Meet Me in Morristown. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The Montagues and Capulets were nothing, compared with Morristown trucks and ambulances.

The ‘Motown Rumble,’ and other video highlights from MHS 2015 commencement

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR: This quartet sings the praises of MHS at graduation. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

We used to think the “Morristown Rumble” only happened on Friday nights at closing time…

Podcast: Tom Paxton broke in with Bob Dylan, everyone covers his songs…just don’t call him a legend, okay?

Tom Paxton's new CD 'Redemption Road,' 2015

Can’t get a ticket to his farewell Minstrel show next month? We have the next best thing: A musical stroll down memory lane with the Ramblin’ Man himself.

Podcast: Brynn Stanley, the voice of Morristown Green, has a new address, a new tan…and a great new album

Brynn Stanley's debut album is coming in August 2015.

This gal can really sing… and she writes great songs, too. Check out our podcast and hear for yourself!

Video: The reel thing, at the Morristown & Township Library

Lorraine Rosenberg, left, and Scottish dance instructor Deborah Leary at the Morristown & Township Library. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Ssshhhhh!!!! We’re trying to dance here!

Video: Harmonium goes Radioactive in Madison; plus Bernstein bonus with a long half-life

Jake Sachs cools down after going 'Radioactive' with Harmonium. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

From Bernstein to Imagine Dragons, these choristers covered all the bases in this Apocalyptic concert.

Video: Mendham High composer premieres a finale — of the world

Composer Zachary Catron, 2015 contest winner, with Anne Matlack, artistic director of Harmonium. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

How do you top the end of the world? That’s the creative challenge facing 16-year-old Zachary Catron.

Tales of immigration, homelessness and Jersey-boosting top 2015 Morristown High film fest

Matt Prusso and Matty Monahan, half of the winning team, with their prize. Not pictured: Jessica Berman and Skyler Frost. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

A weeklong celebration of creativity culminates with some captivating student videos.