Calvary youth group collects food for Morris hunger drive

Members of the Youth Enrichment Summer Camp of Calvary Baptist Church led a summer food drive for the Calvary Baptist Church.

Some of Morris County’s less fortunate citizens will enjoy good meals courtesy of these kids and their Morristown congregation.

‘Joe Mahoney’s’ campaign gets specific, with MG cartoonist Matt Keown

Matt Keown, joe mahoney, campaign, aug 2015

Finally…some specifics on the campaign trail!

Letting go: A first-time puppy-raiser for The Seeing Eye watches from afar in Morristown

Tim on a Cub Scout outing. Photo courtesy of Alison Deeb

Anyone who has sent a child to camp, college or Holy Matrimony will understand these pangs from a Seeing Eye puppy-raiser.

‘Barking’ at life, with Janie and MG cartoonist Paul Laud

paul laud, laudable, janie, barking at the moon, august 2015, photoshop

Ah, if only…

Master Sgt. Rowan puts on four-legged show in Harding

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Master Sgt. Rowan, a trained military dog, shows how he treats bad guys. Photo by Bill Lescohier

The Morris Animal Inn is raising money for a special breed of veteran.

Subterranean Terror, with ‘Joe Mahoney’ and MG cartoonist Matt Keown

matt keown, joe mahoney, aug 2015 worms

What is it with earthworms and rainstorms, anyway?

N.J. doctor who survived fatal N.Y. plane crash released from hospital

A Harding doctor who works in Morristown is reported in ‘satisfactory condition.’

Kids water safety tips for dog days of summer

Follow these tips to keep kids safe in the water.

Now’s the time for summer fun. Here are water safety tips to make sure your family memories are happy ones.

‘Barking at the Moon': Want fries with that? asks Janie, and MG cartoonist Paul Laud

paul laud, laudable, aug 2015, barking at the moon, lunch

Think twice before hitting ‘Reply All’!

Meeting neighbors, and discovering downtown, at Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest

Matthew Stubbs of the Charlie Musselwhite Band, at the Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest 2015. Photo by Janet Morra

People and places that made the music extra-special.