Barking at Selfies, with Janie and MG cartoonist Paul Laud

paul laud, laudable, barking at the moon, janie the wonder dog,doggie selfies oct 2015

So that’s why we don’t see more doggie selfies!

Mum’s the word from Arboretum show in Morris Township

The annual Mum Show at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum. Photo by Linda Stamato

Visual treats abound here.

Morris Museum gets $100K to create special-needs programs


A program established in 2013 will be expanded to make the museum more inclusive for children and adults with disabilities.

FDU’s WAMFest to focus on ‘Art of Healing’ for veterans, Oct. 14-16

Austin Songwriter Darden Smith will write songs with veterans at WAMFest.

Songwriter Darden Smith, film composer Paul Cantelon, The American String Quartet and Grammy-nominated singer Angela McCluskey are among the artists featured this year.

‘Justice or Else’ : Morristown views of the Million Man March at 20

Morristown group that traveled to the 2015 Million Man March in Washington. Photo courtesy of Michelle Dupree Harris

‘A glorious day,’ said an African American man from town.

Football action: Scenes from Morristown’s overtime win at Mendham

Drew Chilson scored three times for Morristown against Mendham. Photo by David Bolson

In a nail-biter, the Colonials beat back a late comeback by the Minutemen.

Morristown group heads to Million Man March in D.C.

ON THE BUS to the Million Man March. Photo courtesy of Michelle Dupree Harris.

‘We are on this bus for truth, justice, and equality,’ an organizer says.

Students at Morristown’s Peck School are ‘jurors’ in tense defamation case

Production of 'Defamation' at The Peck School. Photo courtesy of The Peck School.

A stage production forces students to confront some tough issues.

Morristown church plans Oct. 17 conference, and more, to combat violence against women

PCM Conf Prevention Violence Against Women 10-17-2015

A series of events aims to break the silence shrouding violence against women.

Morristown officer’s suit claims chief worked outside jobs on town time

'NOT OFFENDED ANYMORE' : Morristown Police Chief Pete Demnitz reminds new officers of their responsibilities. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

An officer claims he was demoted after questioning the chief’s schedule.