Lottery winners will be dancing in the streets of Morristown on Wednesday, according to the New Jersey Lottery folks, who are shooting new commercials around the state.

NJ Lottery coming to Harding, Morristown to shoot ‘Happy’ commercial, June 4

There will be dancing in the streets in Morristown on Wednesday.

At least, that’s the plan from the New Jersey Lottery.  The lottery folks plan to shoot scenes of  lottery winners   dancing to Pharrell Williams’ Happy at locations in Harding and Morristown.

The tentative schedule for June 4, 2014, calls for shooting at 8 am at Wightman’s Farm on Mt. Kemble Avenue in Harding.

A retail location will be chosen at 11 am, followed by another downtown Morristown spot to be determined at 3 pm.

In all, 30 lottery winners have been invited to participate this week in filming in the Asbury Park-, Morristown- and Atlantic City areas for a series of three 30-second commercials.

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