Update on loose bull in Harding… and that runaway cow in Morristown

That escaped bull  we just told you about in Harding–turns out it’s been on the loose since Tuesday, when it jumped a farm fence around the same time a cow made a bee-line for Morristown.

“The bull went into the woods” near Spring Valley Road, and is presumed to be there now, Harding Police Chief Mark Giansanti said on Friday afternoon.

bull art via wikimediaThe chief advised motorists to use extra caution in their local travels. That goes for everyone else, too.

“Be careful,” he said. “It’s a big animal.”

Police have veterinarians and other farm-savvy people ready to capture the bull when someone sights it,  Chief Giansanti said.

The bull and cow were new deliveries to a Harding farm, said the Chief, who declined to name the farm.  On Tuesday, the cow was reported at a Morristown apartment complex.

Police vehicles from Morristown and Morris Township escorted the loping animal down South Street to a property on Spring Valley Road, and a caretaker from the Harding farm was contacted to fetch it, Chief Giansanti said.

On Wednesday, the Chief said, the caretaker made another casual disclosure:

“Oh, by the way, a bull is missing, too.”

When the bull had not turned up by Friday afternoon, Harding police decided to issue an online alert to residents:

advise that a bull cow has been reported wandering from a local Harding farm. If seen contact police. Do not approach it if located.


Police herd cow down South Street near the Morristown/Morris Township border. Photo by Rebecca Feldman.

Police herding cow down South Street near the Morristown/Morris Township border on Tuesday. Photo by Rebecca Feldman.

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