‘Barking at the Moon’ with Donald Sterling, Janie the Wonder Dog, and MG cartoonist Paul Laud

Editor’s note: Move over Garfield!  Janie the Wonder Dog, long chained to the bottom corner of Paul Laud’s weekly MG comic strip, has broken loose as top dog of  ‘Barking at the Moon,’ her very own strip. (In color, no less!) It’s only a matter of time before she lands her rightful place on late-night TV. Remember, you saw Janie here first!

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Welcome to another episode from MorristownGreen.com cartoonist Paul Laud.

This week: Barking at the Moon

Paul Laud is the author of ‘Laughing Out Laud, Tripping Over Party Lines’! And check out our podcast with Paul.

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By Paul Laud

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