Morris authorities investigating ‘jury duty’ phone scam

The caller claims to be a sheriff’s officer who will arrest you if you don’t pay for missing jury duty.

It’s a scam, and Morris County authorities are investigating it.

Morris County CrimeStoppers logoCrimeStoppers is making this their crime of the week,” said Susan Hunter, a spokeswoman for Morris Sheriff Ed Rochford.

“If anyone has information regarding this case, please callĀ  973-267-2255.”

The Sheriff’s Office and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the calls, Susan said.

Area residents–one from Morristown, another from Morris Township–have reported receiving calls in the last few days from a male, who claimed that the residents owed money for failing to report for jury duty.

One resident was ask to pay $700, the other, $450, according to a reader. The caller purported to be a sheriff’s officer with a warrant for the residents’ arrest.


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