Podcast: Good Vibrations gets dynamic with Zach Lichtmann

Dynamo Book CoverI believe that living your dream and your passion is the key to a fulfilling, happy and productive life. So, when Zach Lichtmann brought his dynamic energy to GVK, Megan and I were beyond inspired! 

It is no surprise that his first novel is named Dynamo, because he brings that dynamic force to living his dream as a published writer. And a damn good writer he is.

Once I found my passion for telling stories through acting I went at with my full being.  My parents were concerned.  How would I make a living? What if it never worked?  What kind of a job is acting?  They were not happy and wanted me to have a “backup” in case this thing didn’t work out. 

My dreams of telling a story through acting never wavered. But it did go through a metamorphosis.  Having children shifted my passion for the life of a struggling actress.  Long hours and late nights with little pay meant not being with my children and that was not something that felt good in my heart. 

I had been a struggling actress for close to 20 years.  I felt that the Universe was telling me something when I was asked to come to a 10-hour rehearsal for a five-minute role of the sleeping nurse on stage.  That meant 12 hours away from my newborn baby.  So I stepped away from it all. 

Had I been super successful, it may have played out differently.  But I trust the Universe, even if it is showing me something that I don’t think I want. 

Soon after walking away, a play began to write itself in my head.  With the encouragement of my beautiful husband, Jeff, I wrote it down and invited 50 friends/family members to bear witness to my new direction in life. 

I told them all before I began that I really didn’t know if this was going to be good and that I would let their reactions be my guide.  I received a standing ovation with not a dry eye in the house.  I had my answer.

And so began a new direction of the same passion.  GVK is yet another path on that same passion.  Who knows where it all leads. But I will keep living my dream Knowing that All That Is rejoices when a soul shares its Light in its own unique way…

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