Morristown survey: How do you feel about leaf blowers?

How do you feel about leaf blowers?  Morristown Councilman Stefan Armington is conducting a survey, to see if residents consider this a quality-of-life issue that merits stricter regulations.

How do you feel about leaf blowers? A Morristown Councilman is taking a survey. Photo: Joannie Grebe, via

How do you feel about leaf blowers? A Morristown Councilman is taking a survey. Photo: Joannie Grebe, via

Personally, we always have wondered why leaf blowers are not subject to the same muffler requirements as motor vehicles.

Noisy cars continue on their way, at least. Leaf blowers, on the other hand, linger outside your window for a long time…usually, when you’re trying to sleep in after a rough week.

We have observed many leaf blower operators wearing ear protection. They don’t offer that same protection to the rest of us.

Okay, your turn on the soapbox.  Maybe you see (and hear) things differently. Either way, Stefan would like your opinions. Just click the link above.


  1. I’m trying to finish my third book.. It’s lovely out.. My windows are open. Yet all I hear is the 2 cycle engines filling the quietude of Jockey Hollow with a shrieking noise..

    It’s infuriating.

  2. Marcy Needle says:

    Should definitely be weekend restrictions. Ten would be nice. Nine would be acceptable. 7 or 8 – ugh. And what about leaf blowers to clear snow from sidewalks? What happened to the old fashioned shovel?

  3. Leslie Raff says:

    They are one of my greatest pet peeves! The awful noise often wakes me up, and it can go on a good part of the day, most days of the week. One can’t think straight… it’s very jarring to the mind and soul. And then there’s the pollution these things put out. I think they are a health hazard and should be banned!

  4. Jackie Mulcey says:

    They are pesty, but save a lot of time and energy. They should have time restrictions.

  5. In our townhouse community an army of leafblowers (about 7) slow pace themselves. They are wearing eye protection and sound protection. You can hear them approaching (the way a commercial jet plane approaches) then the loadness for at least a half hour – inside your home. If you make the mistake of going otside at this time the noise is overwhelming – but so are the fumes! The fumes linger long after they are gone (how efficient are these things? they seem to have lots of noxious exhaust.) Basically they shoud be banned. Whats wrong with raking, or some other non-polluting means of picking up leaves? Leaves we are talking about. I remember helping my father rake leaves. It was a contemplative bonding time. I wonder if any child who is outside with a leafblower with his father will have fond memories of the experience (maybe just a lingering cough).

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