Like fire engines? Morristown open house has ‘em, and more, May 4

  Highlights from 2012 open house. Photos by Berit Ollestad


Every kid loves fire trucks, right?  And so do a lot of grownups.

You can see the machines up close–with firefighting demonstrations, too–at the Morristown Fire Department’s third annual open house, on Sunday, May 4, 2014, at the Speedwell Avenue Fire House.

From noon to 4 pm activities include a simulated house fire, so families can practice escape plans; fire department history from the Morristown & Township Library; free blood pressure and health screenings from Morristown Medical Center; and free dental screenings from Colgate.

Fighting fires, real or simulated, works up a powerful appetite, so free hot dogs and popcorn will be served.

morristown fire department open house 2014 flyer poster


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