Report: Morris Township cop dispute heading for mediation

Morris Township police logoA Morris Township police sergeant who contends he was skipped for promotion because of his age and a high-profile drunk driving investigation is heading to mediation, according to the Daily Record.

Sgt. Stanley Witczak III,  52, sued the township last year, alleging he was bypassed for lieutenant because superiors considered him “a dinosaur,” and because he investigated a 2012 crash involving Richard Smith, the popular Grand Marshal of the 2012 Morris County St. Patrick’s Parade, according to the  newspaper.

Sgt. Witczak’s age discrimination case is heading for non-binding mediation, possibly this summer, said the newspaper, citing legal records. The paper quotes township attorney Stefani Schwartz as “vigorously” denying all the officer’s claims.

The sergeant has been a member of the force since 1984 and was promoted two decades later to sergeant, a position that now pays $113,418, the newspaper reports.



  1. Ron Hastings says:

    Another lawsuit in Morris Township! When will it end? The attorneys laugh all the way to the bank and us taxpayers pay for it, and it seems it’s the incompetence of the elected leadership that continually bring it upon themselves and us taxpayers. First Mayor Sisler’s, and I use the term Mayor loosely, middle of the night whacked out phone calls, the local Citizens group questioning bringing a lawsuit questioning what could be a flawed zoning ordinance voted for by Sisler and Rosenbush and benefiting only Honeywell, and now this sad revelation of details which if substantiated would paint Mayor Sisler, yes once again I use the term Mayor loosely, and Absentee Utah Ski Bum, I mean Committeeman Scott Rosenbush as the worst kind of “lets get together behind closed doors” and purposefully discriminate against a long serving and honorable Township Police officer for protecting the safety of the public by arresting a person for a DUI. Totally believable that Sisler and Rosenbush colluded and the fix was in against this Police officer. This Police Officer has shown some real backbone by bringing this lawsuit and this resident is grateful for him shedding sunlight on the issue. After all sunlight can be a good natural disinfectant for the bacteria that is our current Morris Township elected leadership, and I use the term leadership very loosely.

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