Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ looks to the stars for healing with John Wessels, Master Astrologer

shutterstock_184969664Megan and I became intrigued when John Wessels, Master Astrologer, said the phrase “spiraling above our astrological chart,” to heal what ails us emotionally.

We learn what we are carrying from our ancestral line from our birth chart.  If it is something that impacts our lives in a negative way, we can heal that aspect of ourselves and therefore rise above it. Big stuff!

One of my best friends had an experience with such an event.  Her daughter became dark and sullen when puberty hit and while that is not at all uncommon, she started exhibiting “self hurting” behaviors. 

Not only that, but, she began to treat my friend in the same manner that my friend’s father treated her when she hit puberty ~ utter disgust and loathing. 

It was suggested that perhaps there was something attached to the daughter, and my friend called in a Shaman.  Indeed, there was an entity attached to the daughter from the mother’s ancestral line and it was imbued with rage. 

The Shaman began the process of clearing that aspect of the ancestry from my friend and her children.  The daughter did a 180 degree shift, no longer self-hurting and responding to those around her with loathing. Powerful juju!!!

John also talked about different methods of healing that will help you clear that ancestral line.  Megan had a friend who experienced a clearing with her daughter with EMDR. The young girl was being mandated by the school system to receive drugs to moderate negative behaviors. The mother instead took her to a therapist who used homeopathy and EMDR to help the child clear the behaviors and it worked beautifully ~ no drugs needed!

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To find out more about John Wessels or to book an appointment and find out more about your own ancestral lineage please reach out to him at ~ jwessels1@frontier.com

 and on Linkedin at ~ John Wessels

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