Morristown police blotter: The straight poop, bloody crash, 911 arrest and more

Not for the squeamish: This week’s installment of the Morristown Police Blotter is full of bodily fluids (and worse) from the aftermath of a Parade weekend that kept the town’s Finest busy breaking up fights, arresting drunks, ignoring language that would singe the ears off a sailor, and (literally) mopping up after some messy characters.


Think you felt pooped after this year’s St. Patrick’s Parade?  Pity the poor Morristown police officers who had to deal with this case:

Keith Lyden, 21, of Denville, was charged with criminal mischief, violent behavior and defecating in public after allegedly smearing excrement in his jail cell and urinating on the walls on March 15, 2014.

morristown police badgeAbout an hour earlier, it had taken several police officers to remove him from Grasshopper Off the Green after he wrestled with a bar employee in the foyer, reported Police Officer Jared Sylvin.

Lt. Robert Holtz picks up the scene at headquarters at 8:41 pm:

“The process area was extremely busy with multiple arrests/intoxicated persons as the town was extremely busy as a result of the Morristown St. Patrick’s Day Parade which was held earlier in the day,” the Lieutenant reported.

Cells were filling up quickly, and officers were trying to expedite paperwork for minor cases so they could deal with serious ones.  An officer informed Lt. Holtz that the man in Cell 1, Keith Lyden, “was less than cooperative, borderline combative, and was viewed/observed urinating on the walls and defecating on the cell floor.”

When Lt. Holtz investigated for himself, it became “extremely evident that Mr. Lyden had urinated/defecated in the cell area (not in the toilet) and the smell was almost unbearable.”

The walls were wet and feces were observed on the wall and cell bench, according to the report, which noted that all of this was captured on video.

When asked to explain what happened, the suspect allegedly told police he did not want to “‘—- his pants,’” which, the Lieutenant said, “he clearly had done as well.”

Keith was given a mop and squeegee while police hosed down the cell.

“All the time doing this Mr. Lyden was less than cooperative, antagonistic, and had no concern/care that he had rendered the cell inoperative,” stated the report, alleging that the man went on to blame a backed-up cell toilet, “a condition he apparently also caused.”

There’s more.

While being removed from the cell, Keith allegedly commented, in an antagonistic/sarcastic manner, “Clean my —-,” indicating there was more you-know-what in the cell.

Disregarding the Lieutenant’s directive to return to the cell, Keith pulled away from the officer and assumed a fighting stance, flailing his arms and yelling obscenities, according to the report.

Five officers brought him under control and placed him into another cell, leaving police one cell short on one of their busiest nights of the year.


Police suspect a Florham Park woman was drinking an alcoholic beverage when her Jeep rear-ended two other vehicles at the intersection of Bishop Nazery Way and Spring Street at 9 pm on March 15.

Jaclyn Marchaterre, 27, was charged with assault by auto, drunk driving, and careless driving by Officer Joseph Heuneman.

Drivers of the other two vehicles complained of neck pain and lower back pain, respectively, and were transported to Morristown Medical Center, as was Jaclyn, whose chin and lip were bleeding.

The woman told police she had imbibed three beers and an “Irish car bomb” at Grasshopper Off the Green, and was glancing at the car floor looking for her dropped cell phone when she crashed into the car ahead of her, according to the police report.

Inside the Jeep, Officer Scott Weaver found an open glass beverage container with blood on its mouth and a bloody fingerprint smeared on the side, signs that “would be consistent with [Jaclyn Marchaterre] drinking the contents of the glass bottle at the time of impact,” Officer Heuneman reported.

The woman told police: “I should not have been driving” and “I was at fault, absolutely,” as her demeanor shifted “from laughing and smiling to bouts of crying,” the report stated.

A blood sample was taken at the hospital, as part of the DWI investigation.

The Morristown Ambulance Squad and the Mendham Township First Aid Squad responded to the accident scene.


You might expect to see some bodily fluids in a hospital emergency room. But aim them at a police officer, and you’re asking for a court date. That’s what Rachel Szlasa, 27, of Leonia is getting after allegedly spitting on Morristown Police Officer Eric Petr at Morristown Medical Center just after 6 pm on March 15, 2014.


A Morristown man, arrested earlier in the evening, was arrested a second time on March 16–for allegedly making 911 calls from the police lobby.

David Gomez, 25, was accused of creating a false alarm by making repeated emergency calls when there was no emergency.

The man was calling 911 to inquire about his friend who remained in the cell block, reported Officer Keith Hudson.

“Mr. Gomez was previously warned to stop calling 911 as his friend was still in police custody,” said the officer, stating that he found David sitting in the police lobby, on the phone with the 911 operator, at 2:20 am.

When Officer Hudson directed the man to disconnect the call, the man refused, “advising he was trying to find out if his friend is okay.”

As a result, “Gomez was placed under arrest and walked back downstairs to the processing room where he was charged…”


Have you ever seen graffiti and asked yourself, “When do they do that?”

At the Morristown train station, it happens in broad daylight, according to police, who charged a Parsippany man with criminal mischief for allegedly tagging an advertisement with a felt-tip marker.

 James Reilly, 33, was arrested at 12:30 pm on March 19 after a motorist waved down Officer Brian McDonnell to report a man with a blue back pack behind the station.

The officer said he saw James writing with a black marker on an advertisement on the lower level of the station’s westbound side.

“Reilly dropped the black Sharpie on the ground and he took a few steps away from me as if he was about to run and he dropped a large white Sharpie marker out of his coat pocket,” according to the report.

The man was arrested without incident and the markers were logged into evidence.



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