Chicken soup, crutches and Neti Pots: Morristown’s musical Seussical likes them a lot!

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“Break a leg!” is a saying in show biz that’s big.

But an MHS dancer thought they meant it, and did!

Still, the show must go on, so with crutches in hand

Ellika Rezvani is hoofing to beat the band.

Ellika Rezvani ('16) and Molly Goldberg ('14) of 'Seussical the Musical.' Photo by Kevin Coughlin

TROUPERS: Ellika Rezvani (’16) and Molly Goldberg (’14) of ‘Seussical the Musical’ at Morrisown High. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

It’s Suessical the Musical, all weekend, three shows.

How things will turn out, nobody knows!

Yet the odds are against any major reversal–

Ellika and friends had a fine dress rehearsal.

Which is pretty amazing, ’cause somebody said

Half the cast was real sick and belonged home in bed.

Zach the Director preached prudence, but still they all came,

Like true Who’s down in Whoville, they came, just the same.

And lest you think that applies just to Who’s,

It goes for the Cat in the Hat, sick as a dog with the flu!

Molly Goldberg owes thanks to her mom, a wonderful buddy,

For curing a star who has no understudy!

Chicken soup, aspirin and a Neti Pot–

A treatment more involved than the Seussical plot!

Now Molly is singing even stronger than Bono.

(She politely turned down a drink from the girl who had mono.)

An inspiring story, though we still feel a bit blue:

It’s the swan song for two dozen seniors in cast and crew.

But sophomore Ellika is sticking around,

And if a Tony for “Spirit” cannot be found,

We’ll go out and buy one (after plenty of scrimping),

Inscribed with her motto: “Keep smiling, keep limping!”

In closing, we recommend the scene with the Egg,

And wish you good luck — just don’t Break a Leg!


–Kevin Coughlin, with apologies to Dr. Seuss

'KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, AND KEEP ON LIMPING!' says Ellika Rezvani, dancing on crutches in Seussical the Musical at Morristown High School, March 2014. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

‘KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, AND KEEP ON LIMPING!’ says Ellika Rezvani, dancing on the ankle she sprained while rehearsing ‘Seussical the Musical’ at Morristown High School. Photo by Kevin Coughlin



Morristown High School

50 Early St.

March 28 & 29, 2014, at 7:30 pm

March 30 at 2 pm

Tickets: Adults, $11; Seniors and Students, $6









  1. Well done Kevin. Once again you show your great sense of humor and whimsy. Thanks for making local news the best.

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