Video highlights from Morris Township Committee meeting


By Lee Goldberg

The attached video, recorded at the March 19, 2014, Morris Township Committee meeting, contains commentary intended for the public from each of the Morris Township Committeemen, offered at the conclusion of each public meeting as a regular part of the agenda.

Because it is 2014 and Morris Township neither broadcasts Committee meetings on public access cable, nor provides a linked / streamed video on its website, this video is being posted in an effort to better inform residents of Morris Township related to thoughts and comments from their elected representatives.

Presented topics range from local traffic safety to upcoming issues related to budget planning,.


Committeeman Scott Rosenbush, unable to be physically present for the third consecutive Morris Township Committee meeting and not on this recording, dialed in remotely again from out of State and provided comments related to the budget process.

Mr. Rosenbush’s exact commentary is recorded and available on CD via a request from the Township Clerk’s office for those interested and contains the entire Committee meeting containing information on ordinances, resolutions as well as commentary from general residents.

Here is a link to the full agenda from the March 19, 2014, Morris Township Committee meeting for review for anyone interested.

Please feel free to share this information, intended for the public and brought to you by your Committeemen, with your friends and neighbors.


  1. Betsy Burr says:

    I think Scott Rosenbush has missed a lot more than three meetings lately–he should resign if he can’t even show up for meetings.

  2. Ron Goldberg says:

    We need each Township Committee position to be occupied by a hands-on worker, not a virtual or electronic presence. Rosenbush had been very present and hard working for years, but now seems to have his hands and head some place else. We need him on the ground in Morris Township to see first hand how things are going, and so we can look into his eyes when he speaks or listens about local laws. If he can’t be here to do his official duties, he should step aside out of respect for Morris Township citizens who expect the full attention of their representatives. Further, we need the Mayor, Mr. Sisler, the chairman of the Morris Township Committee to uphold the standards of Morris Township Committee: bring Mr. Rosenbush back to our town hall or ask him to resign.

  3. Ron Hastings says:

    Ron raises an interesting point. If Rosenbush is an absentee elected official who sits on various Boards and Committees on behalf of Twp residents he should in fact resign. Mayor Sisler, and I use the term Mayor loosely, should ask for his resignation. Ah heck, the point is probably moot anyhow. Here is what I predict will happen and will memorialize here in cyberspace for posterity in Nostradamus like fashion.

    1) Sometime in next few months Rosenbush’s house that is on the market will sell and he will no longer be a resident and will resign or he just plain old resigns.
    2) Mayor Sisler, and I use the term Mayor again loosely, will then be able to be a puppet on a string of the Twp. GOP and appoint a replacement to serve out rest of Rosenbush’s term. Naturally Mayor Sisler, and once again I use the term Mayor loosely, will appoint Louise Johnson who is Dan Caffrey’s running mate in the upcoming campaign to be decided in November, thus enabling her to run as an incumbent. Also key to note is the timing of the Rosenbush resignation and Johnson appointment. It will fall within the rules window that prevents the need for a special election prior to November’s election. If my prediction does not come true I will donate 500 dollars to the Morristown Tea Party, an organization, and again use the term organization loosely, near and dear to Mayor Sisler.

    Regarding this video, Mayor Sisler, again term used loosely, had no comments other than to announce some boiler plate proclamations. What leadership… keep up the mediocre work!!!

  4. Betsy Burr says:

    Should we perhaps think about sending out a mailing, pointing out Rosenbush’s 7 absences in 9 months, and calling for his immediate resignation? I see that that would only cause the seat to go to Louise Johnson, but it will by appointment eventually anyway, and it seems to me that this is a good opportunity to point out the do-nothing nature of Republicans, who think they own the municipal gov’t and can do with it what they please. This might wake up a few folks, seems to me. And it might inconvenience them, as well.

  5. Lee Goldberg says:

    Committeeman Rosenbush serves as an elected legislator and when resolutions and ordinances are introduced, discussed and an opportunity is presented to the public to ask questions prior to a vote being taken, residents deserve and should be provided the courtesy of being able to be face to face and see, ask questions of and talk directly to their elected representatives. It is all about intention and I will just put it out there in hopes of obtaining a public response from Mr. Rosenbush.

    Questions: Mr. Rosenbush is it your intention to serve out the rest of your term set to expire at the end of 2015? If yes, is your intention to actually do that from within here in Morris Township or remotely from a location outside New Jersey and via a phone connection. Also, I believe the annual Budget Presentation is scheduled for the April Committee meeting and I will assume, at a minimum, you will be present for this very important meeting. Correct?

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