Morristown post-parade scorecard: Arrests up, peeing down

Authorities were busy this weekend in Morristown, where the annual Morris County St. Patrick’s Parade, mild weather  and extended bar hours drew thousands of people.

morristown police logoBetween 7 am on March 15 and 4 am on March 16, 2014, police issued 34 tickets and arrested 29 persons. Some 27 people were transported to hospitals, and there were eight motor vehicle crashes, Detective Lt. Stuart Greer of the Morristown Police reported on Monday.

Of those arrested, 11 were charged with disorderly conduct and nine were charged with defiant trespassing. Two persons were charged with drunk driving.  There was one arrest  for aggravated assault and one for simple assault.

Ambulance crews answered 36 calls. They treated 21 people for intoxication; five more were fall victims and there was one broken nose and one facial laceration.

The tickets for local ordinance violations included 19 for drinking in public/open containers and 15 for urinating in public.

How does all this compare with last year?

Only five arrests were reported in 2013. But 33 persons were charged with public urination that year.  So maybe word is trickling out that it will cost you $500 to get caught with your pants down in Morristown.

Over all, things may be improving.  In 2011, police reported issuing 135 summonses, including 88 for public drinking and 46 for public urination.

Morristown Emergency Medical Services were assisted this weekend by:

Cedar Knolls E.M.S.

Chester E.M.S.

East Hanover E.M.S.

Madison E.M.S. Bike Team

Mendham Borough E.M.S.

Mendham Township E.M.S.

Morris County Office of Emergency Management

Morris Minutemen

New Vernon E.M.S.

Pequannock E.M.S.

Randolph Township E.M.S.


  1. Andrew T. Cattano says:

    A lot of focus on those arrested. I am curious though about how many acts of vandalism were reported? Once again, my church was the target of vandalism. I was notified Sunday morning while on my way to church, that one of our large flower pots (which was donated to us by a church member) was knocked over and destroyed.

    This sadly is becoming the “normal” in Morristown. Over the last several years my church has had thousands of dollars of vandalism done, including broken flower pots, plants being ripped out of the ground, sign post being knocked over, having letters ripped off the front of the church, broken beer bottles, and air conditioning units damaged. Not to mention having to step over bodily fluids in the parking lot.

    Now one might say “gee it’s only a flower pot”, but it is so much more than that. Our church members took the time to not only donate it to us, but also provide plants for it and take care of it throughout the year.

    If people want to enjoy a night out in town and have a good time, great. I am all for that. But be respectful of other peoples’ property.

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