Morristown police blotter: A wild ride with unruly diner patron

An irate man spewed profanity in a diner, threw himself on the ground at police headquarters, and tried to kick free as EMS workers transported him to the hospital, according to police.

Staff at the Morristown Diner asked police to remove Tyrone Lansing, 45, of Morristown, after he “became boisterous and profane” about his bill, reported Police Officer Brian LaBarre.

morristown police badgeWhen police arrived at 2:33 am on Feb. 8, 2014, Tyrone was yelling at the cashier in the crowded restaurant, the officer said.

The diner owner told police that Tyrone had posed problems before, and he did not want him back. Outside the diner, Officer LaBarre told Tyrone that he could be arrested for trespassing if he returned.

“Lansing appeared to be intoxicated and launched into a loud and animated tirade about the diner staff,” said the patrolman, who was backed up by Officers David Gizzi and James Green.

After determining that Tyrone’s bill was paid, Officer LaBarre asked him to leave the area. Tyrone then challenged the Officer to a fight on the street, according to the report. When the man cursed Officer Labarre and advanced with a pointing gesture, “I grabbed Lansing’s hand, spun him around” and made the arrest.

At police headquarters, Tyrone allegedly vowed to “settle the score” with Office LaBarre and continued challenging him to fight. “Professional decorum prohibits me from listing Lansing’s remarks verbatim in this narrative,” the policeman reported.

Tyrone started kicking the door of his holding cell, and covered the surveillance camera with wet toilet paper, according to the report.

When Tyrone claimed he could not breathe, an ambulance was summoned.

While chained to a police bench awaiting the ambulance, Tyrone kept claiming he was having trouble breathing–while “continuing to yell and scream profanity” at police.

“Lansing then leaned forward and intentionally threw himself onto the floor, at which time he claimed I had thrown him to the ground,” Officer LaBarre said.

The Morristown Ambulance Squad arrived and gave Tyrone oxygen. Then he “resumed yelling profanity at everyone in the room,” the report alleges.

In the ambulance, he attempted to “stand up off the stretcher and began to kick his legs out of the straps designed to secure him into the ambulance,” said Officer LaBarre, who applied a “compliance hold” to Tyrone’s face so ambulance volunteers could secure him to the stretcher.

At Morristown Medical Center, Tyrone was charged with disorderly conduct and turned over to medical personnel without further incident, Officer LaBarre reported.

Moments later, against advice of the hospital staff, Tyrone walked out of the hospital,  the Officer said.



  1. Chris Lipper says:

    Why does this stuff happen with drunks and not pot smokers. Always sounds like the wrong drug was leaglised.


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