Attorney: Fix was in for Christie-backed plan to redevelop Honeywell campus

Attorney: Fix was in for Christie-backed plan to redevelop Honeywell campus (via

MORRISTOWN — Nearly four years ago, Honeywell’s announcement it planned to stay in Morris Township was a point of pride for Gov. Chris Christie’s administration. Christie and Lt. Kim Guadagno came to Honeywell’s corporate campus, boasting the company…


  1. Margret Brady says:

    Rezoning remains with the land and not the developer. Honeywell got exactly what they wanted. They received the rezoning which permits major additional development of this site. That makes it far more valuable when they put it on the market. The only portion they will keep is the piece with environmental issues which would have had to be dealt with if that part of the property changed hands. Now they’ll more than enough money to purchase the unoccupied new buildings waiting for them in Morris Plains. They still get their 40 million dollars from Christie for not leaving New Jersey too. I’d say it was a very clever move on their part.

  2. Jeff Redmon says:

    Let me get this straight. The same people who originally opposed the rezoning and Honeywell expansion are now suing because they think Honeywell got some insider deal? Even though Honeywell said ‘enough is enough’ with the original lawsuits and left to another location. Isn’t this all a moot point now? Maybe the people filing all of these lawsuits should look inward, realize their actions have influenced the outcome and learn from those lessons.

  3. Good question, Marge!

  4. Margret Brady says:

    Wonder why this case has had so little local publicity?

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