Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ spreads the Light with Father Tim Carr of St. Johns

lightSharing the Light.

I did not understand what that meant 20 years ago. I understood about feeling good or feeling bad. But  it never occurred to me that how I went about my life actually vibrated out and affected the outcome of that day. And how it affected the outcome of others’ days.  

What I have come to understand about spreading energy is that what kind of energy I send out depends on how consciously I am moving through my day.

When I first came upon this concept, I reacted with superiority. Conscious? Of course I am conscious! I am awake and breathing and talking!

But, truly, that is simply existing. I had no idea that my every thought created the whole universe that surrounded me. That universe included the negative and disparaging thoughts implanted by my blood family and other outside people, that I kept alive and well in my head.

And as I let those thoughts run on with abandon, I was creating a universe that mirrored and supported those thoughts. And all the time thinking that the problem was with the world outside of me. As I continued on my spiritual seeking path, I began to experience Lightness of Being and began to truly see the cause and effect of my thinking. I began to experience the beauty of sharing my Light as opposed to throwing around my Darkness. I became awakened to the Light all around me and longed to have that Light be the more powerful aspect of my day.

One of my favorite songs is “Bad” by U2 ~ it sums up to me what it feels to be Conscious. The word surrender moves through the song like a heartbeat as Bono sings:

If I could through myself 

Set your spirit free 

I’d lead your heart away 

See you break, break away 

Into the light 

And to the day 

I’m wide awake 

I’m wide awake 

Wide awake 

I’m not sleeping 

Oh, no, no, no 

For me, sharing Light means kindness to others around me. The “others” could be people/birds/squirrels or Mother Earth. It also means kindness to myself. The rewards of spreading Light far outweigh the momentary gratification of making others wrong and blaming. Hear this, my friends ~ Consciousness takes work. But soon, like anything we strive for, work becomes play and habit becomes instinct. Are you ready to join me, because I AM wide awake…

To find out more about Father Tim Carr, how he spreads his Light and how you can help spread your Light at St. Johns in Boonton ~


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