Video: Highlights from Morris Township Committee meeting, Jan. 22

By Lee Goldberg

The attached video, recorded at the Jan. 22, 2014, Morris Township Committee meeting contains commentary intended for the public from each of the Morris Township Committeemen, offered at the conclusion of each public meeting as a regular part of the agenda.

Because it is 2014 and Morris Township neither broadcasts Committee meetings on public access cable, nor provides a linked \ streamed video on its website, this video is being posted in an effort to better inform residents of Morris Township related to thoughts and comments from their elected representatives.

Presented topics range from local traffic, praise for Morris Township employees and departments, a new Blue Ribbon Commission to be formed to attract business to Morris Township, Mayoral appointments, the upcoming annual Valentines Flowers Fundraiser at the Hillside Firehouse (see attached flyer) and a Proclamation in honor of Black History Month.


Committeeman Scott Rosenbush, unable to be physically present for the meeting and not on the recording, dialed in remotely and provided comments that related to safety during heavy snowfall and congratulating Mayoral appointments.

Mr. Rosenbush’s exact commentary is recorded and available on CD via a request from the Township Clerk’s office for those interested and contains the entire Committee meeting containing information on ordinances, resolutions as well as commentary from general residents.

Here is a link to the full Agenda from the Jan. 22, 2014, Morris Township Committee meeting for review for anyone interested.

Please feel free to share this information intended for the public and brought to you by your Committeemen with your friends and neighbors.

valentines day roses fundraiser morris township 2014

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