Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ with Kristin is under the weather :(

snow quietHello GVK  friends and family!

My dear producer fell under the vibration of the flu and we were unable to work together for this week’s posting. Please send thoughts of Light and Healing to Megan as she processes this dis~ease and comes back into alignment health and well being. Until next week, please follow the link below and listen to some of our prior podcasts that you may have missed. I can’t wait to meet with you next week and Thank you for all your support  ~ Love, Kristin



facebook kKristin Ace is a professional actress, writer, storyteller and healer. She created Good Vibrations with Kristin as an avenue to combine her gifts and talents for uplifting conversations to raise the vibration of the Earth and all that tune in. To learn more about Kristin please visit www.kristinace.com

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