Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ for the dead of winter, with Caroline Fairless, part 2

happy treeIt is always fun to be so involved in our conversation that we want to continue into the following week!

Continuing on the path of how the Divine shows up, Caroline Fairless discusses learning from the Earth on how to “be” in a Divine way.

We touched on how in the winter things seem to be “dead,” but in fact things are merely sleeping, resting, gestating and going within to become ready for the explosion of Spring.

Megan was saying that the quiet time of winter gives her permission to spend more time on the things she does not easily find time for in the warmer weather. 

And what does that have to do with the Divine? Well, in the past, I had trouble sitting in the stillness of the winter. I would often find myself feeling “blue” and restless. During one very, very quiet winter I was thinking that maybe my Higher Self and All That Is had forgotten about me.

I moped around for a few months and then just gave in to the quiet. I meditated in the quiet, and at that time could not “hear” the Divine’s call. I continued my intense (always!!) conversations with All That Is. Still, I heard nothing. Sigh.

Then on a whim, I bought some pussy willow branches. I threw them in water, also on a whim, because they are no longer living so they don’t need water. Then I put them in a corner. I walked by them for a month truly appreciating their soft beauty until one day I noticed what looked like white mold in the water around the branches.

I thought, ‘Oh no! I’ve left them in the water too long.’ So I pulled them out of the water and to my astonishment, saw that the white “mold” surrounding the branches was hundreds of roots!! A friend was visiting that day and she said to me, “Kristin, God is talking to you.” Yes, I said, I know. And I did.

It was a powerful affirmation that All That Is, is ALWAYS with me, even if I think that I can not hear it. I ended up putting those pussy willow branches in a pot and they grew all summer, then in the fall, I placed them in my garden where they have grown into a young, strong beautiful tree.

Any time I think that the Divine has forgotten about me, I go outside and look at that lovely tree and my heart fills with gratitude…

pussy willowTo find out more about Caroline and the other people we talked about, click on the embedded links below


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Diane Jackson ~ animal communicator ~ 919.632.8719

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