Video: Marital politics in Morristown

Mayor Tim Dougherty gives a vote of confidence to his wife Mary in this video from Thursday’s kickoff breakfast of Morristown Women In Business, a group Mary co-founded and chairs.

More than 90 women came to the Hyatt Morristown to help launch the organization, which promotes female entrepreneurs.

But a work conflict almost kept the featured speaker–Mary’s husband–from attending.

The Mayor mused about the potential marital consequences of leaving one’s spouse in the lurch, and in this video adds a humorous story from the home front about the limits of executive privilege.




  1. I am on board for this and totally support Mary and her cohort. The downtown is vital to the success of our Town and the female-centric businesses popping up – obviously they are not women-only, just predominantly female oriented or women run, are filling in the gaps on our street fronts that the more traditional businesses have left. I hope that no one would ever discriminate against a woman as an entrepreneur or employee – and if they do, I hope that woman would call me, and we’d kick some ass. I even friended this organization on Facebook. How’s that for not being a chauvinist? But I do wonder, as the agent provocateur that my resume lists foremost, what people would say if a man started a new mens’ business association? I realize there used to be male-only Rotarys and Elks and Columbia Clubs – etc. etc. The key there is “used to be”, and the name – which means something. So, anyway, best of luck, my women friends. Please don’t feel as if you are alone or need to make any more barriers than there are or used to be.

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